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Motor Vehicle Accidents

What to Expect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Texas

Knowing what to anticipate in a personal injury claim can be helpful to assuaging concerns about the process while helping victims take the right steps to protect and advance their claims. Although the details and circumstances associated with a given...

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Texas Dram Shop Laws & Drunk Driving Car Accident Claims

When a drunk driver causes an auto wreck, the impaired driver is typically liable for the injuries and damage (s)he causes. The driver may not, however, be the only liable party. In fact, if a drunk driver was served –...

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5 Things a Lawyer Looks at When Analyzing a Motor Vehicle Accident Case

After an auto wreck, victims can be uncertain as to whether they have a claim for recovery and, if so, how to proceed with that claim. To determine the legal options, it is usually necessary to carefully go over certain...

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Children Lost to Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents: A Look at the Latest Data & Statistics

Over the past decade, motor vehicle accidents have been the number one cause of death among children 14 and younger.1 Tragically, there are no signs of this trend reversing, according to the latest data from regulators at the National Highway...

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