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What if you could get denied or underpaid claims overturned without it costing you a dime?

Salespeople for contractors get too caught up with re-inspects, trying to turn over “denied” claims… They lose sight of the fact that hours count when a hail storm hits.

Underpaid or denied claims take way too much time to settle, and supplement companies eat into your profit.

With the right business model and legal team, you can dominate the storm and secure your back end pipeline without sacrificing a penny of profit.

Having a relationship with the right legal team who understands your workflow, sales process, and operations is crucial to making this a possibility.

At the Amaro Law Firm we specialize in handling “bad faith” practices by insurance companies and supporting contractor’s revenue stream.  Our team has handled tens of millions of dollars in claims since Hurricane Ike and even worked in the mold docket in the early 2000s.

Delayed payments…

Delayed adjustments…


Denied claims…

…and more.

Our legal support doesn’t cost you a dime but will have your back in getting the claim paid for full value.

Have a denied or underpaid claim? Bad faith practices?

Our killer sales tools allow you to secure the potential job (even if it was denied or underpaid!) and move on to the next sale while guaranteeing you’ll be paid for the work at 100% of the scope-of-loss.

How do we guarantee it?

Because you get paid for the contract directly from us once we resolve the claim with the insurance company.  Remember – the insurance company must pay attorneys’ fees if they acted in bad faith in lowballing or denying a claim.  You do not have to worry about the homeowner keeping the funds or shopping around because the homeowner will authorize direct payment to you.   It’s simple.

Want to learn more about how we help you stay focused on sales domination while securing your back end pipeline for FREE? Give us a call at TRACKING NUMBER or email [email protected] to learn more…you can’t afford to lose more sales this season due to bad faith insurance practices.

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