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Can I View Uber’s Insurance Policy?

Can I View Uber’s Insurance Policy?

Can I View Uber’s Insurance Policy?

An up-to-date, complete policy document for Uber’s insurance is not currently available online, according to our thorough investigation.

While Uber’s website does provide a general discussion of its coverage (here), this information does not clearly delineate when Uber’s coverage may not apply or when it may be secondary to some other coverage. It also does not shed light on the challenges Uber accident victims can face when it is time to file a claim and seek financial recovery.

Revealing more about these challenges, the following presents some key facts about Uber’s insurance policy, including its limitations and exclusions. Whenever you are ready for more insights regarding a potential Uber accident claim and your legal options for recovery, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Houston car accident attorney at the Amaro Law Firm. We are ready to advocate your rights and help you successfully navigate the claim and recovery process.

Hurt in an Uber Car Crash?

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Key Facts about Uber’s Insurance Policy

  • Uber’s policy is provided by the James River Insurance Company (JRIC) – JRIC provides the commercial insurance policy for Uber (and other ridesharing companies). This policy includes up to $1 million of coverage for the Uber driver and riders when the driver is at fault for an accident that occurs during the course of a ride (i.e., while a rider is being transported).
  • Coverage can vary by state – State laws regarding auto insurance coverage can vary. Given that Uber operates in all states and Washington D.C., it holds separate, state-specific policies for its operations and drivers in different states. For example, Uber’s coverage in Texas can include personal injury protection (PIP) coverage because state law requires this coverage. PIP coverage may not be available in states whose laws do not require it.1
  • Coverage WILL vary according to a driver’s status at the time of the accident – Specifically, Uber’s policy will not cover drivers who are not logged into the Uber app. It may provide coverage for drivers who are logged on, depending on whether the driver is waiting for a ride request, is traveling to pick up a rider (after accepting a ride request), or is transporting a rider (as part of a ride request).
  • Uber ONLY provides primary coverage when drivers are transporting riders – So, if an Uber driver causes a crash while transporting a rider, Uber’s $1 million policy will provide primary coverage. This also holds true if, while transporting a rider, an Uber driver is hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) OR if a motorist, who is never identified, causes a hit and run.
  • This can create a coverage “gap” for Uber drivers – The gap arises in the period after an Uber driver logs onto the app but before the driver has picked up a rider. During this period:
    • Uber and JRIC expect a driver’s personal auto insurance policy to provide primary coverage – The argument here is that, since the driver is not technically on the clock earning money (as money is only earned when a rider is being transported), the personal auto insurance provider should cover these driving activities. While Uber may provide secondary coverage in some cases, it typically will only do so after the primary provider has paid or denied a claim.
    • A personal auto insurance provider will typically not cover this gap period – Commonly, these insurers contend that, once an Uber driver is logged into the app and looking for or accepting a ride request, the driver is “working” and, consequently, should be covered by Uber’s commercial policy.

Uber’s Insurance Policy: The Bottom Line

When it comes to Uber’s insurance policy, the bottom line is that this policy is structured to provide:

  • Maximum protections to Uber
  • Minimal protections to drivers (or anyone involved in an Uber accident).

This usually means that, following an Uber accident, it can be incredibly difficult for victims to know critical details like:

  • What insurance coverage applies
  • Whether a settlement offer is adequate
  • Whether a denial of their claim is valid
  • How to navigate these complexities so they can obtain the compensation they deserve for their crash-related injuries and losses.

If you or a loved one is looking for answers and exceptional advocacy in the aftermath of any type of Uber accident, you can turn to the experienced lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm.

While we recognize that compensation may never reverse the permanent losses from these wrecks, we also know that these recoveries can be pivotal to restoring lives.

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1: State-by-state insurance certificates for Uber