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Texas Deceptive Trade & Practices (DTPA)

The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Consumer Protection Act (DTPA) is in place to protect any consumer, whether an individual or corporation, against false, deceptive or misleading practices, any kind of breach of warranty or unconscionable actions from a business. There are many different ways this can take form. False advertising, representing that the goods or service being sold are of a higher standard than they actually are, or failure to disclose information during a transaction that would alter the decision of a consumer to purchase the item are all violations of the DTPA.

The Amaro Law Firm should be consulted if you have any question as to whether you were the victim of a breach of your consumer rights. There are necessary legal steps that must be taken upon the discovery that there have been DTPA violations. By taking a stand to protect your rights, you are also helping others by enforcing justice on the offender so they are less likely to commit the same act again. We have 22 years of commercial litigation experience helping businesses, consumers and victims of insurance code violations to recover damages and bring these deceptive practices to light.

DTPA Violations

There are very specific procedures that must be followed to rectify a DTPA violation. There is also generally a time limit of 2 years to file suit, if this becomes necessary. It is important to act as quickly as possible so that we can get started on the legal procedures. Our goal is for you to recover deserved economic and emotional damages and to protect your rights as a consumer. We are known for our tenacious and exceedingly thorough representation and leave no stone unturned in working toward the most favorable results possible for our clients.