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Retailer Liability in Tire Defect Claims

Retailer Liability in Tire Defect Claims

Retailer Liability in Tire Defect Claims

When defective tires cause crashes and injuries, the tire manufacturer and other parties can be liable for the resulting harm and damage. In some cases, the liable parties can include the retailer that sold the tire and/or the service center that installed it.

In the aftermath of car accidents caused by tire failures, determining whether the negligence of retailers and service centers was involved is crucial to holding all negligent parties accountable and to helping the injured obtain the full compensation they deserve.

The lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm are ready to partner with you in the pursuit of financial recovery and justice if you or a loved one has been harmed by a tire defect or failure. Tenacious and tireless, our experienced attorneys can help you advocate your rights and protect your interests.

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When Are Retailers Liable for Tire Failures?

Any number of factors can trigger liability for retailers and service centers in the wake of motor vehicle accident caused by a tire failure. This can include (and is not limited to):

  • Failures to recognize old tires – Industry standards and manufacturers’ guidelines dictate when tires should be replaced due to age. Service providers can determine tire age by checking Department of Transportation (DOT) numbers on tires. When technicians fail to check DOT numbers and overlook aging tires that should be replaced, these retailers can be accountable for the failures experienced by these aging tires.
  • Tire misplacement – The proper placement for tires is, again, dictated by industry standards and manufacturers’ recommendations. For example, best practices tend to require that, when replacing two tires on a four-wheel vehicle, the tires with the best tread should be placed on the rear axle to prevent oversteering (which occurs when the rear of a vehicle breaks away and spins the vehicle sideways). Failing to abide by these best practices can cause catastrophic tire failures, for which the retailer can be liable.
  • Selling recalled tires – Retailers are required to comply with tire recalls by, for instance, ceasing the sale of any recalled tires. Continuing to sell and install recalled tires can subject retailers to liability when those tires fail.
  • Negligent sale of used tires – In many cases, tire manufacturers do not recommend selling used tires unless details regarding the tire’s previous use are known and the proper inspections by qualified experts indicate the tire is in good condition. In some cases, tire manufacturers recommend that certain tires are never reused or resold. When retailers ignore these recommendations and negligently sell used tires, again, they can be accountable the resulting tire failures and accidents.

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