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Ford Steering Recall

In May 2014, Ford Motor company announced a recall of nearly a million of its most popular vehicles due to a problem with the power steering system. The Ford steering recall covered more than 900,000 vehicles, including more than 736,000 in the U.S. alone. The problem involves a potential short circuit in the power steering system. The short circuit could cause drivers to lose control, especially at lower speeds. The issue related to the Ford steering recall has also contributed to a number of injuries.

Components Behind the Ford Steering Recall
The Ford steering recall stems from a defect in the vehicle’s power steering system. The system consists of four major components: the power steering control motor, the electronic control unit, the torque sensor and the steering wheel position sensor. The power steering control motor assists the driver’s steering. The electronic control unit senses how much assistance the driver needs. The torque sensor detects the direction and speed of the turn. The steering wheel position sensor relays the position of the steering wheel to the torque sensor.

Reasons For the Ford Steering Recall
Research reports have theorized that the torque sensors in vehicles targeted on the Ford steering recall list fail to relay the information to the electronic control unit. Without this information, the electronic control unit cannot pass on the signal to the power steering control motor. The motor then fails to provide the compensation needed to maintain the power steering system. This system failure can cause drivers to lose their power steering assistance and force them to rely on manual steering. For the larger vehicles on the list, this failure can lead to dangerous accidents.

Injuries From the Ford Steering Recall
An April 2014 report stated that fifteen low-speed accidents, including two injuries, had been attributed to the Ford steering recall problem. The report also alleged that the Ford steering recall problem was responsible for an additional five accidents and six injuries. A spokesperson for Ford acknowledged that the problem “could result in an increased risk of a crash” and encouraged drivers to take their vehicles to a dealership for inspection.

Ford Steering Recall Lawsuits
If you have been injured by a vehicle listed in the Ford steering recall notice, contact the Amaro Law Firm today. These injuries could stem from being the driver or passenger of a vehicle on the Ford steering recall list, as well as being in a vehicle involved in an accident with one of the targeted vehicles. A Ford steering recall lawsuit can help you recover medical expenses related to hospital stays, physician’s office visits, prescription medications and physical therapy. Victims can also recover lost wages, property damages, pain and suffering, and other non-economic damages.

Vehicles Included in Ford Steering Recall List
With nearly a million vehicles on the Ford steering recall list, drivers should find out if their vehicles are affected. As of this writing, the makes and models targeted by the Ford steering recall include:

  • 2008-11 Ford Escape SUV
  • 2011-13 Ford Explorer SUV
  • 2008-11 Mercury Mariner SUV

Know Your Rights in a Ford Steering Recall Lawsuit
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Ford’s defective power steering system has caused many accidents and injuries. Many have already taken action to hold Ford accountable. You can too if you’ve been harmed by this system.

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