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Lakeway Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics

Lakeway Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Lakeway, TX, is an upscale, resort community that’s not only known for its marinas, golf courses, parks, and trails but also for being one of the best places to live in Texas. Although Lakeway isn’t known for roadway accidents causing injuries, plenty of them still occur on this city’s roads, harming several people every year.

In fact, the latest facts and statistics on Lakeway traffic collisions depict a bleak picture, showing just how risky the roads are and how common reckless actions cause wrecks in Lakeway, TX.

Lakeway Car Accident Statistics

The most recent data on Lakeway motor vehicle accidents highlights some troubling trends, along with a few promising ones:

  • There were 245 motor vehicle accidents in Lakeway, TX, in 2021.
  • On average, that means nearly 5 traffic crashes happen in Lakeway, TX, each week.
  • Although no fatal car accidents occurred in Lakeway in 2021, at least 2% of all crashes caused severe injuries.
  • Drunk drivers caused about 5% of all traffic wrecks in Lakeway in 2021, and nearly half of these crashes resulted in injuries.
  • In Lakeway and throughout Travis County in 2021, distracted drivers caused 4,378 traffic crashes.
  • Travis County also saw 841 highway work zone crashes in 2021.
  • Since 2018, traffic crashes in Lakeway have dropped by more than 5%.
  • Over the past 10 years, motor vehicle accidents in Lakeway have surged by more than 41%.

Lakeway Commercial Vehicle Accident Statistics

In terms of commercial vehicles, the latest Lakeway crash statistics are lumped in with Travis County as a whole, and they show that:

  • In Travis County in 2021, there were 589 commercial vehicle accidents.
  • Travis County ranked 10th in Texas in 2021 for having the most commercial vehicle accidents.
  • There were 17 fatal commercial vehicle accidents in Travis County in 2021, meaning that about 3% of all commercial vehicle crashes last year ended in death.
  • More than 5% of all Travis County commercial vehicle accidents result in serious injuries.
  • Since 2018, commercial vehicle wrecks in Travis County have dropped by more than 8%.
  • The scope of commercial vehicle accidents in Lakeway, Austin, and surrounding areas is difficult to ascertain without looking at federal statistics too. That data uncovers the facts that:
  • Texas leads the nation in 18-wheeler accidents.
  • Since 2009, deadly truck accidents in Texas have surged by more than 101%.
  • Fatal truck accidents are twice as likely to occur in rural areas versus on highways or interstates.
  • About 1 in 3 highway work zone accidents involves at least one commercial vehicle.
  • About 2 in every 3 truck accidents that end in death involve two vehicles.

6 Most Dangerous Roads in Lakeway, TX

The latest data from the Lakeway Transportation Department (LTD) identifies several risky roads and intersections in the community. The most dangerous ones are featured below.

Dangerous Lakeway Road Riskiest Section of the Road
Flint Rock Rd. Medical Parkway to Ranch Rd. (RR) 620
RM 620 Lohmans Spur to Lohmans Crossing/Ameno Dr.
Serene Hills Dr. Flint Rock Rd. to SH 71
Lakeway Blvd. Ameno Dr. to RR 620 S.
Highlands Blvd. Bee Creek Rd. to SH 71
Main St. Medical Dr. to RR 620

Some of the risks associated with these roads include:

  • Confusing roundabouts
  • Signal timing issues
  • High traffic volumes
  • No or narrow medians
  • Lots of out-of-town motorists
  • Several driveways and/or alleyways
  • A lack of sidewalks and/or crosswalks
  • Poor street lighting and low-visibility conditions
  • A lack of shoulders for vehicles to pull over if something goes wrong

While LTD has completed several road maintenance projects, with many more scheduled for the future, the streets of Lakeway can still be fairly dangerous, especially when motorists, carmakers, or others are reckless or irresponsible about safety.

What to Do After a Lakeway Motor Vehicle Accident

If you or someone you love is involved in a traffic crash in Lakeway, TX, here are the most important things to do after the wreck (as long as injuries don’t stop you from doing any of these things):

  1. Move to a safe area to avoid getting into another crash.
  2. Call 911 immediately if anyone is hurt, if another driver flees the scene, or if another involved party is drunk or combative.
  3. Wait for police and don’t leave the scene until the responding officer(s) give you the green light to do so.
  4. Get medical attention ASAP, even if you don’t feel like you’re in that much pain. Some injuries take time to fully present, and a physician can help diagnose and treat you while documenting your crash injuries.
  5. Try to gather as much information and evidence as you can from the scene. That means snapping photos, taking videos, collecting contact and driver information from the other parties, and picking up any relevant debris, like pieces of tire.
  6. Be extremely careful about your statements and never admit fault, apologize, or make definitive statements about your injuries (like “I’m not really hurt”).
  7. Report the crash to your insurance company, only disclosing facts. Do NOT guess, make anything up, or share information you aren’t totally certain of.
  8. Talk to an experienced Lakeway motor vehicle accident lawyer to get important advice and answers about your rights and your options for recovering compensation.