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Police Stations in Austin

The Austin Police Department (HPD) maintains four locations across the city, allowing authorities to thoroughly patrol the region while helping them promptly respond to various calls and incidents, from car accidents in Austin to crime and more. While one of these substations is currently closed temporarily, three remain active storefronts for Austin law enforcement authorities.

Whenever you need to contact the Austin police, this directory can help you easily find:

  1. Any of the police stations across the Austin, TX, area
  2. Which substation serves you or can respond fastest to your needs
  3. The phone numbers and addresses for APD headquarters, as well as the APD substations

Austin Police Department Headquarters & Substations

Call 911 ASAP if you need emergency police services or if anyone’s life is in danger. For non-emergency services and responses, you can:

  • Call 311 if you’re located in the Austin area.
  • Call (512) 974-2000 outside of Austin.

The table below outlines where and how to get ahold of the APD, depending on where you are located (again, please note that the North APD substation is temporarily closed at this time).

APD Substation Street Address +

Phone Number

Phone number
Main APD Headquarters 715 E. 8th St.
Austin, TX, 78701
(512) 974-5000
North Substation (Temporarily closed) 12425 Lamplight Village Ave.
Austin, TX, 78758
(512) 974-5500
East Substation 812 Springdale Rd.
Austin, TX, 78702
(512) 974-5900
South Substation 404 Ralph Ablanedo Dr.
Austin, TX, 78748
(512) 974-8243


To check out the APD’s leadership and executive team, click here. And to get a visual of the locations of each APD station, check out the map below.

When to Contact the Austin Police

Sometimes, it’s obvious that APD needs to be called, and other times, it’s not. To clarify some of those potentially gray areas, here’s a rundown of when it’s generally in your best interest to call the Austin police.

Call APD whenever:

  • Anyone’s life is in danger, and emergency medical responders are needed to provide essential life-saving care.
  • You are involved in a traffic crash that causes any injuries or at least $1,000 in property damage.
  • After you were in a car accident, the other driver leaves the scene, threatens you, or doesn’t have insurance.
  • After a wreck, another motorist appears to be intoxicated or on drugs.
  • You have witnessed a crime, or you have reason to believe a crime has occurred.
  • You have witnessed a traffic crash, and you want to share what you’ve seen, so it can be included in the police report.
  • You see the aftermath of an auto wreck, and the damaged vehicles are blocking traffic, threatening to cause another collision.

If you do call Austin police, remember to:

  • Wait at the scene of the accident if you were a party to it.
  • Document officers’ names, and keep any business cards you receive from the police.
  • Follow up with the APD within a week or two of the crash to get a copy of the police car crash report.
  • Consult an experienced personal injury lawyer for additional help and more information about your rights and a potential claim.



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