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Why Hiring an Injury Lawyer Immediately Can Help You

The sooner you hire a personal injury attorney after an accident, the better. The insurance company for the at-fault party is already working against the victim by inspecting the vehicles and collecting statements.  An injury lawyer on your side can immediately start protecting your rights and start protecting your claim. And that can mean that you have far better chances of achieving successful outcomes and securing any possible recovery.

Here’s why.

5 Ways a Personal Injury Attorney Can Immediately Start Helping You after an Accident

Why Hiring an Injury Lawyer Immediately Can Help You

Why Hiring an Injury Lawyer Immediately Can Help You

When you retain an injury lawyer as soon as possible after an accident, your attorney can quickly start helping you by:

  1. Explaining your rights and how to protect them: Your attorney can inform you of what to do and not do as you prepare your claim. From seeking medical treatment to talking about your accident, your lawyer can provide invaluable advice and guidance in the days, weeks, and months following your accident. That can be pivotal to safeguarding your rights and avoiding common mistakes that could sabotage your case and your recovery.
  2. Conducting an investigation on your behalf: As you get medical care for your injuries, your lawyer can investigate the incident to determine the exact causes and who’s responsible for them. This can mean that your attorney uncovers liable parties that you may not have known were at fault. By pinpointing all liable parties, you can hold them accountable and be empowered to seek the full compensation to which you may be entitled.

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  1. Gathering all essential evidence: Generally, there’s far more evidence available in the immediate aftermath of an accident, as opposed to weeks or months down the line. For example, if you were hurt in a car crash, tire tread marks and car crash debris can be readily available soon after the accident, and this type of evidence may go a long way to proving liability. With a lawyer on your side as soon as possible after an accident, you can be confident that you’ll have as much available evidence as possible to support your claim and establish liability.
  2. Representing you in all interactions with the insurance company: When it’s time to deal with insurance companies, it’s essential to realize that they are not on your side. They aren’t your advocate, and they aren’t looking out for your best interests. Instead, they’re typically looking for ways to avoid paying claims. A personal injury lawyer, however, can advocate your rights and push back whenever the insurance company tries to compromise or subvert them.
  3. Guiding you at every step moving forward: Personal injury cases can take weeks, months, or longer to resolve. They can involve depositions, court hearings, settlement talks, and other proceedings. No matter how your case proceeds, your attorney can help you navigate the process. And that can be the key to successfully resolving your claim.

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