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Who’s At Fault for Truck Accidents

Who’s At Fault for Truck Accidents: 5 Parties That Can Be Liable| Truck Wreck Lawyer

When truck accidents happen, at least one of these parties is usually at fault and liable for compensating victims:

  1. Drivers
  2. Motor carriers
  3. Trucking shippers or brokers
  4. Vehicle equipment manufacturers
  5. Parties responsible for road construction and maintenance

When Drivers Are Liable for Truck Accidents

Whenever drivers’ careless or reckless actions cause truck wrecks, the negligent drivers will be among the liable parties. Most often, drivers are at-fault for truck accidents when their actions, like (but not limited to) the following, contribute to these wrecks:

  • Speeding
  • Failures to yield the right-of-way
  • Failures to comply with signage or traffic signals
  • Impaired or distracted driving

Here, it’s important to note that drivers can include professional truckers, passenger vehicle drivers, motorcyclists, and any other motorist on the road.

Motor Carriers’ Liability for 18-Wheeler Accidents

Trucking companies can be one of the liable parties for truck wrecks when these companies:

  • Have policies that encourage drivers to break the law, like offering bonuses for violating hours-of-service rules
  • Hire drivers without the proper credentials or who have a history of unsafe driving and/or causing truck accidents
  • Fail to properly maintain trucks
  • Forcing drivers to drive in adverse weather conditions

How Trucking Shippers or Brokers Can Be Liable for Truck Wrecks

When trucking shippers or brokers hire unsafe drivers, the shippers and brokers, as well as the truckers they hire, can be liable for wrecks caused by that dangerous driver.

Shippers can also be liable for truck accidents resulting from their failures to properly:

  • Load cargo
  • Secure cargo
  • Contain hazardous, flammable, or volatile cargo

When Vehicle Equipment Manufacturers Are Liable for Accidents

Companies that make unsafe or dangerous vehicle equipment will be liable when that equipment malfunctions or fails and causes truck wrecks. This can include parts and systems on passenger vehicles and/or trucks, and it may involve:

  • Parts made from substandard materials
  • Equipment with inherent design flaws
  • Poorly constructed equipment

How Parties Responsible for the Roads Can Be Liable for Wrecks

When poor road conditions play a role in causing truck accidents, the parties responsible for road construction and maintenance can be liable. Some examples of the conditions that could make parties like cities and counties liable for truck accidents can include:

  • Dangerous roadway design
  • Substandard road construction
  • Failure to safely and properly set up highway work zones and detours
  • Failures to salt the roads and clear them of snow
  • Failures to remove debris from the roads

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