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Taxis versus Uber: What’s Safer?

Taxis vs. Uber: What’s Safer? | Houston Car Accident Attorney

When you need a ride, you have options. Between taxis and Uber, it’s fairly easy to get a ride at a moment’s notice.

While taxis and Uber essentially provide the same service, they do not offer the same level of protection—especially if an accident happens. Here’s why—and what riders may be risking by choosing to ride in a taxi, instead of with an Uber driver.

Taxis vs. Uber: Independent Contractors with Different Insurance Coverage

To understand how a taxi may offer riders less protection than an Uber after a crash, it’s first important to know that:

  • Uber and taxi drivers are independent contractors, not employees of Uber or a taxi company.
  • These drivers are typically required to carry their own auto insurance as part of the terms of employment.
  • Although taxi and Uber drivers are advised to carry commercial coverage, not all of them do, and some only carry the bare minimum.
  • In certain areas of Texas, like Houston, minimum insurance requirements for taxi drivers are the same as the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements for noncommercial drivers.1

No matter how much insurance an Uber driver may carry, however, (s)he may also be covered by Uber’s $1 million insurance policy with James River Insurance Company (JRIC).2 That can mean a lot more protection and options for riders if or when Uber crashes happen.

When Uber’s Insurance Coverage Can Come Into Play

Once an Uber driver picks up a rider and is on the clock, they are covered by Uber’s $1 million liability policy with JRIC. During the ride, this policy can cover:

Generally, Uber’s policy does not cover drivers when they are not on the clock transporting a rider. That means that, if an Uber driver causes a crash while he’s on his way to pick up a ride—or right after dropping off a rider, that driver’s personal policy would likely be the only available coverage.

The Bottom Line: Not All Rides Are the Same

When it comes to riding in a taxi or an Uber, it’s never easy to know how careful a driver may be or how safe the vehicle is or isn’t before you accept a ride. What you DO know ahead of time, though, is that riding in an Uber can come with the added safety net of a $1 million insurance policy—and that can make all of the difference  if:

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2: More details about Uber’s Insurance and Uber’s Certificates of Insurance (for each state)