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3 Things Truckers MUST Know When They Are Injured On the Job

3 Things Truckers MUST Know about Job-Related Injuries

3 Things Truckers MUST Know about Job-Related Injuries

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, regardless of how careful, experienced and diligent you may be. When these accidents involve job-related trucking wrecks, injured truckers can be left with devastating, lasting injuries, expensive medical bills and less (if any) income.

In these situations, understanding the various options for financial recovery can be pivotal helping injured truckers overcome the physical, psychological and financial impacts so they can restore their lives. To this end, the following highlights the three main legal options that truckers typically have for seeking compensation in the aftermath of a work-related accident.

While these insights are important and helpful for injured truckers and their families, please don’t hesitate to contact an experienced truck accident lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm whenever you are ready for a free case review and legal advice specific to your circumstances and potential claim.

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Recovering from a Work-Related Trucking Accident: Important Info for Truck Drivers

When truck drivers suffer on-the-job injuries, they may be able to pursue any one or combination of the following claims:

  1. A motor vehicle accident claim against another motorist – Many trucking wrecks are the result of negligence enacted by other motorists on the road, like the drivers of passenger vehicles, motorcyclists and more. In fact, the latest truck accident statistics report that nearly 3 in every 4 deadly truck wrecks results from “another vehicle, person, animal or object in the large truck’s lane or encroaching into it.”1 When the reckless or careless actions of other motorists cause truck accidents, injured truckers may be able to file claims with the auto insurance provider for the at-fault motorist.
  2. A personal injury claim against another negligent third party – Along with motorist negligence, other forms of negligence can also victimize truckers, injuring them in wrecks. For instance, faulty truck equipment made by negligent manufacturers, unsafe roads resulting from negligent municipalities and overloaded trucks arising from the negligence of shippers can all be factors in causing trucking accidents. When this occurs, injured truckers may have valid claims against any of third party whose negligence played a role in causing their wreck.
  3. A workers’ compensation claim – Injured truckers who are employees of motor carriers (rather than independent contractors) may also be able to pursue workers’ compensation claims in the aftermath of a work-related truck accident. These claims, which are associated with strict deadlines, can result in medical and income benefits (up to a maximum set by state law). Please note that, while fault and liability ARE key elements for the first two recovery options, fault does NOT need to be established for workers’ compensation claims. This means that truckers who may have contributed to their injuries can still be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits (as long as they meet the necessary requirements and deadlines).

An attorney at the Amaro Law Firm can examine the facts and evidence associated with your work-related accident, helping you identify and pursue all available legal remedies to help your recovery. While compensation from these claims may never erase the devastating impacts of serious injuries, these recoveries can help injured truckers and families restore their lives.

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1: According to data from the Federal Carrier Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)