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Tyler Truck Accident Lawyer

Counsel & Advocacy When It’s Time to Recover from an 18-Wheeler Accident

Tyler, TX sees an average of 9 motor vehicle accidents occurring every day on E. Gentry Pkwy, N NW 323 Loop, and its other busy roads. That’s what the latest data tells us, but it doesn’t reveal everything. It fails to explain how the worst wrecks in Tyler tend to involve 18-wheelers, life-threatening injuries, and even death.

When you or someone you love is hurt in one of these wrecks, a Tyler truck accident lawyer can be the key to helping you recover. Read on to discover how. Whenever you’re ready to find out more about your rights and options, reach out to a Tyler truck accident lawyer.

Who Do I Need to Call After a Truck Accident in Tyler, TX?

Calling the three parties below can be the best way to start protecting your rights and potential claim after a wreck.

The Police

Call 911 for emergency help. That’s essential IF anyone has been injured or the accident is blocking traffic (and more crashes or injuries could occur). If there are very minor or no injuries, call the Tyler Police Department non-emergency line at (903) 531-1090.

You should call police after any truck crash because police can help at the scene, investigate the wreck, and write an official report. All of that can provide key evidence when it’s time to recover and file a big rig accident claim.

Your Insurance Company

Reporting a crash promptly can be important for a future claim. When you make this report, you do not have to give a recorded statement, and you do not have to state anything more than the facts you remember. You can also contact a lawyer first and have your attorney deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. Generally, this is in your best interests after a tractor-trailer accident.

A Tyler Truck Accident Attorney

A lawyer can explain whether you have a case while working to protect your rights and interests once you sign a retainer. The earlier an attorney is in your corner, helping you with every aspect of your truck accident case, the sooner you can be confident that you are on the path to recovery.

What Happens After I File a Tyler Truck Accident Case?

It depends on who the liable parties are and the details specific to a case. Usually, however, there will be additional investigations, evidence analysis, depositions, and/or dealings with insurance companies.

Depending on the case, expert witnesses and settlement negotiations with insurance companies may be involved. While the specifics of a case will impact how that case is resolved, most cases end in settlements out of court, rather than jury awards following a trial.

When Should I Talk to a Tyler Truck Accident Lawyer?

You don’t need to know everything about your crash or your injuries before you reach out to an attorney. In fact, it’s best to talk to an attorney sooner, not later. That’s because you can get important advice and answers when you speak to a Tyler truck accident attorney and share more information about your situation.

No matter when you connect with a lawyer, keep these tips in mind:

  • Be ready to answer questions about the 18-wheeler accident: Think about what happened ahead of time and be prepared to be open and honest. Your meeting with the lawyer is confidential, and the more you can share here, the better. It’s how you get clearer answers to your questions and more specific information about your potential claim and what to expect moving forward.
  • Bring any items you have related to the crash: This can include your truck accident photos, medical bills, a copy of the police report, information from insurance companies, and more. These types of items can give a Tyler truck accident lawyer better insight into some of the key issues of a potential claim, again helping you get better information when it really matters.
  • Think about what you what to ask: Write out your questions if you need to and ask an attorney how you can follow up with any other questions if you happen to think of some later. When you talk to a lawyer, it’s your chance to get answers too. If you start thinking about the answers you need ahead of time, you can be ready with all your questions when you’re speaking with a lawyer.