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Trucking Company Involved In Fracking Toxic Waste Spill

A trucking company involved in a fracking toxic waste spill may face criminal charges. Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva of Karnes County, located an hour’s drive southeast of San Antonio, has stated that he will ask the county attorney to file criminal charges against On Point Services. The company was involved in an accident that left more than 1,200 gallons of toxic waste on eight miles of county roads back in March.

What is Fracking Toxic Waste?

Hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, is the relatively new practice of using high-pressure fluids to tap into oil and natural gas reserves. The fracking toxic waste comes from the residual fluids left over from the fracking process. These fluids often contain highly carcinogenic chemicals, such as hydrocarbons and trihalomethanes. When the chlorine in the fracking waste water mixes with the bromides in the soil, the chemicals combine to form trihalomethanes, which can cause cancer and heighten the possibility of sterility or intellectual development in children.

Details of Fracking Toxic Waste Spill

The Karnes County case involves a truck hauling fracking toxic waste on a county road. The truck was assigned to haul the toxic waste to a disposal pit, but a surveillance video taken by a citizen showed that the truck spilled 1,260 gallons of fracking toxic waste for nearly eight miles. The company reportedly failed to report the spill to local authorities, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or the Texas Railroad Commission.

Civil Suits From Fracking Toxic Waste Spill

The TCEQ and the Railroad Commission have both filed civil suits against On Point for their role in the fracking toxic waste spill. The TCEQ claims that On Point failed to contain the spill when it occurred and failed to make any cleanup efforts after the incident. The agency also alleges that the company failed to notify its office of the incident in compliance with state environmental regulations. The Railroad Commission also alleges that the company violated state water protection regulations and failed to take adequate measures to prevent such a spill.

Criminal Charges for Mishandling Fracking Toxic Waste

Sheriff Villanueva stated that he wants the district attorney to pursue criminal charges against On Point for their role in the fracking toxic waste spill after the state agencies complete their civil actions against the company. Winfred Stanfield, owner of On Point, refuted the charges and called the driver “no fully competent” to complete the task.

Source: InsideClimate News

Know Your Rights in a Fracking Toxic Waste Lawsuit

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