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Truckers Forced to Choose Between Cab Privacy and More Affordable Insurance: A Look at How That Choice Can Impact Truck Accident Cases

Truckers Must Choose Privacy or Cheaper Insurance Rates

Truckers Must Choose Privacy or Cheaper Insurance Rates

A growing number of truckers and trucking companies across the U.S. are forfeiting privacy for lower insurance premiums by installing in-cab cameras to monitor truckers behind the wheel. This move, which has been triggered by a combination of factors, can have significant impacts when truck accidents happen and it’s time to determine liability for these wrecks.

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Brief Background

In 2016, the insurance industry reportedly lost $716 million on commercial vehicle policies due to:

  • An increasing number of truck accidents – The economic recession in the U.S. contributed to more inexperienced truckers being hired and put behind the wheel without sufficient training. That, coupled with the following factors, has contributed to a surge in truck wrecks (and other traffic collisions) over the past few years:
    • The prevalence of smartphones and the growing problem of distracted driving
    • Falling gas prices, which has put more motorists in general on the roads.
  • Higher jury awards for truck wreck victims – Over the past decade or so, juries have been increasingly inclined to grant higher awards to truck accident victims. In some cases, these awards are five times (or more) than they would have been 10 years ago. These higher awards have meant that insurance companies are paying more to accident victims – and are losing money on commercial policies.

The major losses experienced by the insurance industry led to dramatic hikes in premiums for commercial auto insurance policies. In fact, some motor carriers and independent operators saw their insurance rates spike by as much as 30 percent. Others were denied coverage altogether.

To improve liability determinations and save costs in the aftermath of truck wrecks, insurance companies have been offering lower rates and renewed coverage to truckers and motor carriers who agree to install in-cab cameras in their trucks.

The Role of In-Cab Cameras in Truck Accident Claims

Given that in-cab cameras can monitor the actions and events before, during and immediately after a truck wreck, these devices can play an important role in truck wreck claims. That’s because in-cab cameras can record details related (but not limited) to:

  • The traffic and road conditions
  • The actions of the trucker
  • Vehicles in front of the truck (More sophisticated in-cab cameras can even record the actions of vehicles alongside of a truck)
  • Weather conditions.

This footage can be essential evidence, helping to establish fault. Consequently, truck accident lawyers commonly use this footage to prove liability and help victims obtain the compensation they deserve.

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