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Truck Driver Intoxication Accidents in Sugar Land

When a truck driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they are highly susceptible to falling asleep at the wheel or failing to stay in a single lane. Typical DWI scenarios are less likely for a truck but may happen more often with other commercial vehicles that are not 18-wheelers.

Truck accidents tend to be severe, but the injuries you could sustain in an accident involving a drunk truck driver could heighten the severity of an accident. If you would like to take legal action against an intoxicated truck driver in Sugar Land, reach out to a trusted injury attorney. A truck accident lawyer could review the circumstances of your accident and inform you of your eligibility to obtain compensation. To learn more, schedule a consultation today.

Substances Commonly Seen in DWI Truck Accidents

Alcohol is one of the more commonly seen substances in Sugar Land DWI accidents followed by prescription medications. Pain medications, such as opiates and benzodiazepines, are also frequently seen in DWI truck accidents. Truck drivers who take blood pressure medication and SSRIs, or other drowsy-causing depression/anxiety medicine, also run the risk of driving their truck under impaired conditions.

Does a Drunk Driving Case Impact a CDL in Sugar Land?

In Texas, if a truck driver is found to be drunk while behind the wheel of a vehicle, the arresting officer could take their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Charged truck drivers would be given a temporary permit while they fight to keep their CDL through the administrative process.

Implications on Out-of-State Drivers

If the truck driver is out-of-state, their CDL may still be taken away. As opposed to facing sanctions in Texas, out-of-state truck drivers could face sanctions from their home state as well.

Implications on Future Employment

When a truck driver receives a DWI, their future employment opportunities could be in jeopardy, and their ability to maintain their CDL could become difficult. If a truck driver was intoxicated at the time of an accident, they could also be held liable as the responsible party, even if they were not the responsible party.

Differences Between a Truck Driver DWI and a Standard DWI

The penalties for a DWI affecting a CDL could be different than the impact it would have on a normal license. For example, a DWI could make it significantly more difficult for a truck driver to keep or find employment. In addition, a DWI could cause their trucking company to determine whether company policy mandates that they not drive for a specified period of time, or have to be monitored more closely. A truck driver in Sugar Land may also be required to attend administrative hearings in order to maintain their CDL privileges.

Speak with a Sugar Land Truck Driver DUI Accident Attorney Today

No matter the circumstances of your accident, victims who suffered injuries due to the careless actions of a drunk truck driver may be able to obtain compensation for damages. Due to the poor choice of the truck driver to drive while under the influence, whether it involves drugs or alcohol, at-fault drivers may find it difficult to prove their innocence in the matter, making it easier for you to prove negligence on part of the defense.

For more information regarding your ability to recover compensation following a truck driver intoxication accident in Sugar Land, be sure to schedule a consultation.