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Tragic Truck Accident Kills Young Man

In Tilden this last Sunday, there was a tragic accident that led to the death of a 27 year old truck driver, serious injury of another. According to the reports, deaths for truck drivers of oil companies is becoming a much too frequent occurrence. It is said that this young man was killed when a second oil truck didn’t give the right of way; their two trucks collided resulting in the death of the one driver. As a result of the Eagle Ford Shale Boom in many Texas counties, there has been a tremendous increase in traffic.

With the new heavy flow of traffic, more and more accidents are occurring on the road, one county claiming a 307% increase in car accidents since the year of 2008. After some research, the authorities are noticing a connection between the increase of accidents not only with the Shale Boom, but also because of the truck drivers not taking notice of the construction zone signs and instructions, or they don’t have working headlights. This accident wasn’t the first fatality, two men died just last month when a tractor trailer ignored these signs and came across multiple lanes on the highway hitting two other trucks head-on.

People from the local community share that the traffic increase on the road been constant, particularly with big trucks; the public continues to be concerned. These people share that the trucks will pass cars in very unsafe manners, and it is causing many drivers on the road to fear for their lives, a little car is no match for a big rig. Being injured as a result of the negligence of anther driver on the road is a terrible situation to go through, especially in the unfortunate event of a life being taken. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a truck driving accident contact the
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