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Top 10 States Where Hail Caused the Most Damage

Recently, a major insurance company published its top ten list of the states with the most damage caused by hail. Texas was at the top of the list with almost 52,000 claims. Illinois is second on the list with 43,821 damage claims, followed by Colorado in third place with approximately 42,365, then by Missouri with 23,019 and Nebraska with 21,326. The sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places belong to South Carolina with 20,170 claims, Pennsylvania with 19,088, Iowa with 12,869, South Dakota with 12,367 and Kansas with 11,562 claims, respectively.

Recent outbreaks of violent hail storms in Texas, specifically in Arlington, Tarrant, Collin (Plano and Wylie) and San Antonio, among other counties and cities, have caused approximately 3 billion dollars in damages in the spring of 2016 with three or four months of the hail season remaining. In Texas, hail damage was the number one cause of losses on homeowner’s insurance from 1999-2011 – beating out water-related losses, hurricane-related losses, and fire-related losses.1