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The Woodlands Is Home to 10 of Texas’ Most Congested Roadways

The Woodlands Is Home to 10 of Texas’ Most Congested Roadways

~1 in 3 of the Most Congested Roads in Greater Houston Is in The Woodlands

Beyond its expansive green spaces, The Woodlands is also known for its traffic. In fact, more than 27% of the most congested roads in Greater Houston are in The Woodlands. That’s according to the latest report from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TAMTI).

Its findings hold fascinating insights about which roads in The Woodlands have become more congested and what the impacts of traffic in The Woodlands have been since 2018.

10 Most Congested Roadways in The Woodlands, TX in 2019

In Texas’ Most Congested Roadways – 2019, researchers looked at 1854 highly trafficked road segments across the state, ranking them for congestion, based on time and fuel wasted in traffic. Of the 36 roadways in Greater Houston that made the list, 10 are in The Woodlands (and are featured in the table below).

Road in The Woodlands, TX Rank Area of Congestion
(From -> To)
FM 1488 137 FM 2987 -> North Fwy / IH 45
Rayford Rd. 213 North Fwy / IH 45 -> Riley Fuzzel Rd.
Research Forest Dr. 325 Branch Crossing -> North Fwy / IH 45
Kuykendahl Rd. 459 Woodlands Pkwy. -> FM 2920
College Park Dr. / SH 242 467 FM 1488 -> North Fwy / IH 45
Woodlands Pkwy. 496 John Ralston Rd. -> Sheldon Rd.
Grogans Mill Rd. 570 Research Forest Dr. -> North Fwy / IH 45
SH 242 588 North Fwy / IH 45 -> Conroe-Porter Road/ FM 1314
Gosling Rd. 816 College Park Dr. -> Flintridge Dr.
Sawdust Rd. 1073 Glen Loch Dr. -> Grogans Mill Rd.

When comparing the rankings from 2019 to 2018, most roads in The Woodlands saw a decrease in congestion, with only FM 1488 and College Park Dr. seeing traffic increases.

Annual Costs of Traffic Congestion in The Woodlands, TX

Every year, traffic congestion in The Woodlands costs at least $91 million in terms of wasted time and fuel. Here’s how these costs break down across the specific roads that made the list.

Roads in The Woodlands Estimated Costs of Congestion
(in millions, M)
FM 1488 $19.532 M
Rayford Rd. $8.182 M
Research Forest Dr. $12.285 M
Kuykendahl Rd. $12.721 M
College Park Dr. / SH 2421 $7.459 M
Woodlands Pkwy. $12.853 M
Grogans Mill Rd. $5.764 M
SH 2421 $7.459 M
Gosling Rd. $3.127 M
Sawdust Rd. $1.618 M

1: Listed separately to refer to different segments of the road.

As high as these costs may seem, the real cost is likely much closer to $364 million.


Because studies have found that congestion, especially on highways and freeways, usually leads to more car accidents. Additionally, experts say the costs of car accidents in The Woodlands (and throughout the U.S.) is more than three times as much as the costs of congestion.

Costs of Motor Vehicle Accidents in The Woodlands

The costs of auto accidents in The Woodlands—and any region in the U.S.—come in different forms, like:

  • Economic costs: The costs of lost productivity alone exceed about $75 billion annually, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Personal costs: The victims of auto crashes and their families can be left facing costly medical bills, vehicle repair bills, lost earnings, and more.

These costs can pale comparison to the costs of permanent losses, like losing a loved one to a deadly wreck. Whenever it’s time to recover from the losses of a car accident in The Woodlands and seek justice, contact the Amaro Law Firm for a free consultation.