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The Woodlands Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Many people take prescription drugs each year, hoping to improve their health or to diminish the side effects of a condition, only to find out that the drug is capable of causing them immense bodily harm. In some cases, defective drugs can lead to adverse side effects that the patient never expected or medical complications. If an unsafe medication caused you to suffer adverse side effects, a dangerous drug lawyer in the Woodlands could help you take legal action. Our team of personal injury attorneys could handle all of the legal challenges that may arise so you can focus on your health.

The Harm Dangerous Drugs May Cause in the Woodlands

With thousands of drugs available on the market, many individuals or companies may not even realize that a drug is harmful for weeks or months down the road. When a drug is fairly new to the market, there is not much time before it could start causing side effects in consumers. However, by the time consumers or manufacturers discover these effects, they could wreak havoc on a person’s body. As such, a drug recall is made to take these dangerous medications off the shelves before they harm others and risk lives.

Types of Product Liability Claims Involving Dangerous Drugs

Product liability claims allow consumers to hold parties like manufacturers responsible for the dangerous mistakes they may have made in their products. Therefore, If someone sustains damages or becomes ill because of an unsafe medication, they may be eligible to file a product liability claim. A lawyer in the Woodlands may pursue a dangerous drugs claim in various ways.

What is a Defective Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Drugs Claim?

These types of claims result when the manufacturing process taints or improperly creates a drug. In these situations, the manufacturer may have put the wrong labels on the medication bottle or used an ingredient they were not supposed to. These mistakes can impact how the drug works and cause significant harm to an individual relying on that medicine.

Dangerous Side Effects in Unsafe Medications

If a drug leads to severe side effects, a product liability claim could be in order. Oftentimes, these types of claims occur when a manufacturer was aware of the risks that a drug could cause but failed to disclose these side effects. If a company was aware of potential dangers but did not notify those who take the drug, a consumer could have a claim against this manufacturer.

False Marketing

In some cases, a pharmaceutical company did not give adequate warnings or instructions for the drug in question. If a company released “bad advice” and embellished information on what the drug is capable of doing, patients could be successful in their claim.

How Do Drug Recalls Work?

When the FDA deems a prescription drug to be dangerous, it is likely to recall this product. An example of a drug recall is when the FDA pulled phenylpropanolamine (PPA) from the shelves because there were connections made between this weight loss drug’s possible risk of stroke and bleeding in the brain. There are many other reasons why drugs are recalled each year. Some of these include poor packaging, potential contamination, and poor manufacturing, among many other reasons. If someone is taking an unsafe drug that has been recalled, they should get in touch with an attorney in the Woodlands.

Contact a Dangerous Drugs Attorney in the Woodlands

If you believe that a dangerous drug caused you harm, you may have options for recovery through a product liability claim. Though medicine undergoes tests to ensure that it is safe for use, mistakes still occur and drugs hit shelves even though they are not safe for consumer use. A dangerous drug lawyer in the Woodlands could help you hold these negligent pharmaceutical companies responsible and seek damages on your behalf. To learn more about your potential legal options, call for a free consultation today.