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Amaro Law Firm 2022 Scholarship Awarded to UTSA Student

Amaro Law Firm Awards 2022 Scholarship to UTSA Student, Gregory Miller

Driven by our mission to give back and support continuing education, the Amaro Law Firm is excited to announce the latest winner of our annual scholarship contest.

The winner is Gregory Miller, a recent graduate of B. F. Terry High School in Rosenberg, Texas.

Selected from a large pool of essay and video submissions, Gregory was chosen to be the 2022 scholarship winner due to his outstanding resilience, inspiring work ethic, and amazing achievements, as well as his goals for the future.

Each year, the Amaro Law Firm grants one college-bound student a financial award, based on their response to our prompt. We operate our scholarship program because we understand that continuing education can put a financial burden on families — and we truly believe in the value of pursuing higher education.

While previous years’ awards have been $2,500 (for use towards higher education costs), this year, the Amaro Law Firm doubled that scholarship, granting $5,000 to our 2022 winner.

2022 Scholarship: The Contest

To be considered for the Amaro Law Firm’s 2022 scholarship award, applicants were asked to submit an essay or video addressing:

  1. What success means to them
  2. How they intend to embody their definition of success throughout their life

We selected this prompt because we believe that defining success can help ignite a lifelong passion to work hard towards big goals and achieve them. That, in turn, can have remarkable impacts on both individuals and their communities.

2022 Scholarship: The Winning Submission

2022 Scholarship Winner, Gregory Miller | The Amaro Law Firm
2022 Scholarship Winner, Gregory Miller, Accepts Award

Like previous years, the Amaro Law Firm received numerous well-crafted, thoughtful submissions to our scholarship contest from all across the Greater Houston area. While that always makes it challenging to select just one winner, ultimately, we chose Gregory Miller because he impressed us with his humanity, perseverance, accomplishments, and plans for the future.

In terms of accomplishments and skills, Gregory brings an inspiring list to the table. As an athlete, he’s been a varsity tennis player and a varsity football player for all four years at B. F. Terry High School. Gregory has also been a member of the Honor choir and the Thespian Honor Society (Troop 3519), and he also excelled in multiple college-level courses.

Outside of school activities, Gregory is an extraordinarily skilled musician, playing more than 15 instruments, some of which include the piano, the drums, the baritone bass guitar, and the acoustic guitar.

Portions of Gregory’s winning video submission is quoted below.

Hi, I’m Gregory Miller. I’m 18 years old, and I will be attending UTSA for the upcoming fall semester… Now, what success means to me.

Success derives from two categories: hard work and the dedication to your craft. I’ve gained a lot of success in my life because I use these two categories and I put them together and give myself that success….

I also think success comes out of hardship.

Gregory went on to share some of the hardships he and his family have faced throughout his life. His ability to remain effusively positive while still accomplishing so much speaks volumes about his character and work ethic. Explaining his motivations, Gregory elaborated:

My mom would always say, ‘I’m gonna get you out, and I’m gonna give you a life.’ And she’d push us to do great in our education.

He wrapped it up with moving words:

When something is hard, then you overcome it, it’s the most amazing feeling. It’s the most exciting feeling because there are no [limits] to what we’re capable of doing, and the rewards pay off.

If you blessed me with the opportunity of having this scholarship, I’ll be one step closer to getting my mom what she deserves, which is paradise.

More About Gregory Miller

Gregory Miller will be attending the University of Texas, San Antonio as a freshman in the Fall 2022. He intends to major in music studies and minor in business management and production. After graduation, Gregory plans to continue pursuing his passion for the arts and music by becoming a music producer.

Sharing some inspirational words after winning the Amaro Law Firm’s 2022 scholarship, Gregory said:

Don’t give up. There’s someone out there who is willing to help you. Don’t wave the white flag too early because when they find you, they are going to bless you. And just do your absolute best with the blessings that you get because we’re the future. Thank you.

The Amaro Law firm congratulates Gregory on winning this year’s scholarship, and we look forward to seeing all his great achievements in the future.

Watch Gregory speak about the scholarship, his goals, and what winning this means to him in the short video below.

Amaro Law Firm’s 2022 Scholarship Winner, Gregory Miller

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