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Texas, Washington Firms Face Workers Compensation Violations Charges

Two roofing companies, one in Texas and another in Washington State, face charges of committing workers compensation violations. A construction company near Houston was fined more than $362,000 by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for seven safety violations, including employing a subcontractor that did not provide workers compensation insurance. A Washington State roofing contractor was investigated by state authorities for workers compensation violations related to its lack of insurance.

Details of the Texas Workers Compensation Violations

An incident report from OSHA showed that Cotton Commercial USA, Inc., a roofing and construction company based in the Houston suburb of Katy, failed to provide a temporary worker with a safety harness. The temporary worker was employed through Gardia Construction, a Louisiana-based labor supply firm, that did not provide its employees with workers compensation insurance. The worker requested a safety harness, but neither Cotton nor Gardia supplied him with one. He later fell twelve feet off a roof and suffered two broken arms.

Workers Compensation Violations and OSHA Fines

In addition to failing to provide the employees with workers compensation insurance, both Cotton and Gardia faced severe fines for their OSHA violations. The agency fined Cotton $362,500 for violations ranging from failure to report the injury within 24 hours, to failure to train workers in the use of ladders and fall protection devices. OSHA also fined Gardia $4,900 for failing to carry out scheduled inspections of the job sites where they assigned employees. The companies may also face additional fines for their workers compensation violations stemming from the incident.


Details of the Washington State Workers Compensation Violations

A roofing contractor in Washington State faces criminal charges for his company’s workers compensation violations. Peter Daniel Yeaman is facing charging from the Washington Attorney General’s Office for conducting unregistered contracting jobs. The workers compensation violation stems from his company, Southgate Roofing, carrying out jobs while their workers compensation insurance was revoked. The company had its insurance revokes in November 2012 for failing to pay its premiums, but continued to take on jobs.

Workers Compensation Violation and State Law

The Washington State workers compensation violation shows how some businesses may avoid paying insurance premiums to earn an unfair advantage. Companies who refuse to pay the premiums to protect their workers are able to underbid their competitors, while leaving their workers in dangerous situations. A spokesperson for the state’s Labor Department said that a workers compensation violation like this is “incredibly unfair to legitimate contractors.” If convicted, Mr. Yeaman could face up to five years in state prison and a fine of $10,000.


Know Your Rights in a Workers Compensation Violation Lawsuit

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