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Texas Prison Ceiling Collapse Injures 19 Inmates

A ceiling at the Diboll Correctional Center collapsed and injured 19 inmates. The Texas prison ceiling collapse was attributed to heavy rains in the area, which wore away at the sheetrock in one of the housing units. Ten inmates at the privately-owned minimum security facility near Lufkin were taken to local hospitals by ambulance, including one that was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Houston. Warden David Driskell stated that he expects all of the injured prisoners to have a full recovery.

Investigation Into Texas Prison Ceiling Collapse

The Texas prison ceiling collapse has prompted an investigation into the facility. Engineers and investigators with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice will visit the site this week. The site was built in 1995 and is owned by the Management and Training Corporation, a company that specializes in building private correctional facilities. MTC, based in Centerville, Utah, operates 21 other prisons in eight states.

Texas Prison Ceiling Collapse Forces Prisoner Relocation

Until the investigators can determine the cause of the Texas prison ceiling collapse, the site will not be habitable for the prisoners returning from medical treatment. Some prisoners may be transferred to TDCJ facilities in nearby Huntsville until the repairs from the Texas prison ceiling collapse can be completed. The affected building housed 86 inmates, most of them 50 years old or older.

Lockdown After Texas Prison Ceiling Collapse

The Texas prison ceiling collapse also forced local law enforcement and Texas Department of Public Safety officers to secure the facility. Prison officials canceled visitation for the day and officers secured the perimeter to prevent any attempts at escape or unrest. Officers also shut off the gas and electricity flows to the building.

Source: Lufkin Daily News

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