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Texas Judge Denies GM Recall Emergency Order

A Federal District Court Judge denied a request from plaintiffs in a GM recall lawsuit that would order all owners of GM vehicles affected by the recall to stop driving them immediately. Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos of Corpus Christi, Texas, denied the request for the “Park-It” order. The order would have forced owners of over 2.6 million vehicles under recall to stop driving those models due to safety concerns over a faulty ignition switch.

Reasons Behind the GM Recall

The impetus behind the GM recall stems from a flaw in the design for the vehicle’s ignition switch. The flaw can cause the vehicle to lose power if the switch is jarred or bumped. When the vehicle loses power, the driver may can lose control due to the loss of power steering capabilities. The vehicle’s airbags may also fail to deploy during a collision, which puts the driver at risk for severe injury or death. Reports have shown at least a dozen fatalities attributed to the ignition switch failures.

Models Included in GM Recall

The massive GM recall affects several models, with model years as early as 2003 and as late as 2011. The recall includes the Chevrolet Cobalt and HHR, the Pontiac Solstice and G5, and the Saturn Ion and Sky. The initial recall notice only included model years from 2003 to 2007, but was recently expanded to include vehicles manufactured between 2008 and 2011. Models sold outside the U.S., such as the Pontiac Pursuit in Canada and the Open GT in Europe, were also included in the GM recall.

GM Recall and “Park-It” Order

Judge Ramos denied a motion that would have forced GM to inform the owners of the 2.6 million vehicles under the GM recall to keep their cars off the road until they can be repaired. The judge deferred the decision on the “Park-It” order to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal agency in charge of regulating U.S. roads, stating that the agency held the primary jurisdiction over highway safety issues.

Injury Lawsuits Arise from GM Recall

The serious nature of the fault behind the GM recall has forced the company to face thousands of personal injury lawsuits from affected drivers and their families. A major component of these suits includes the company’s failure to reveal the ignition safety flaw for more than ten years after designers and engineers reported the problem to executives. However, plaintiffs filing GM recall lawsuits may face an uphill battle, as the bankruptcy agreement GM negotiated with the federal government in 2009 protected the company from legal claims stemming from incidents prior to July 10, 2009.

Source: Forbes

Know Your Rights in a GM Recall Lawsuit

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