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Sugar Land Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

A side-impact collision occurs when one vehicle is traveling in one direction, and the other is traveling in a perpendicular direction, forming the shape of a “T”. Additionally, a side-impact accident may happen when someone changes lanes unsafely and side-swipes another vehicle’s side doors, or when they merge into oncoming traffic. Side-impacts can be more difficult to define because there are so many ways they happen.

A Sugar Land side-impact collision lawyer could help take legal action if a reckless motorist hits you. Our dedicated car wreck attorneys could help you through the claims process while you focus on your physical recovery.

Common Effects of T-Bone Accidents

Side-impact collisions may cause damage to the vehicle itself. For instance, there may be issues with the doors functioning properly after this type of wreck or the side airbags may deploy, shattering the windows. T-bone accidents also may cause damage to the vehicle’s frame.

Injuries sustained in this type of accident may include injuries to the spine or back. When a vehicle is hit from the side, this may sharply jerk the occupants in one direction. This impact could cause neck, cervical, or lumbar spine injuries because this abrupt motion may result in significant disc herniation or protrusions. A skilled lawyer in Sugar Land could help someone injured in a side-impact collision determine what their case may be worth based on their injuries and property damage.

First Steps Following a Wreck in Sugar Land

The first step that a person should take after a T-bone collision is to make sure they can safely exit the vehicle, depending on which side of the vehicle the collision occurred. If the vehicle was struck on the driver’s side, it might not be safe for them to get out of that door.

The second assessment is to check for hurt passengers. For instance, a child may be in the backseat restrained with the seatbelt properly, but this could be where the impact occurred. Someone should always make sure that others can get out of the vehicle safely. If the vehicle is in a state where it is unsafe to try to leave the vehicle, the drivers and passengers need to wait until the ambulance or the first responders arrive to help them get out.

Recoverable Damages

The damages that a person involved in a side-impact collision may recover are the same damages available in other car accident cases. They include economic, non-economic, and punitive damages in extreme situations. Some economic damages that a person may be able to recover include compensation for past and future medical care and lost wages.

Noneconomic damages may include any intangible loss, such as mental distress or emotional anguish. A judge may only award punitive damages if the actions of the defendant were particularly egregious. For example, if a drunk driver caused a T-bone accident in Sugar Land, the injured party may be able to request additional compensation.

Contact a Sugar Land Side-Impact Collision Attorney

A T-bone accident can lead to serious, if not fatal, injuries in addition to significant property damage. If you were involved in a wreck like this, speak with a Sugar Land side-impact collision lawyer from our firm who could help you seek damages for all of your losses. To schedule your free initial consultation, call today.