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Sugar Land Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident cases can go in many different directions. Some cases settle with insurance companies without any court involvement. Others require a trial in order to come to a final decision.

If you suffered a car accident injury, you might benefit from the skill and tact of a Sugar Land car accident lawyer. As a seasoned personal injury attorney in the local area, they could provide legal assistance, and help you get your claim moving forward toward legal recovery. Do not hesitate in scheduling your free initial consultation today. Call now to get started on your case.

How to Obtain Compensation for Auto Injuries in Sugar Land

The first thing most people do after an accident is to share their car insurance information. The reason for this is because auto insurance is typically the first avenue for injured parties to seek compensation. Some no-fault car insurance states place serious injury thresholds and requirements on claimants, but most states like Texas follow the fault system.

Under the fault system, those injured in a car accident have several options for seeking recovery. First, claimants may file an insurance claim with their own insurance provider. After receiving the claim, it is not uncommon for insurance carriers to pursue an abrogation claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A subrogation claim is a claim made to reimburse the company for losses they have had to pay out to the claimant.

Claimants may also file an insurance claim directly against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. A claims adjuster would typically review the claim and either accept or deny the claim, possibly recommending a settlement for a lawsuit if it were to arise. An auto wreck attorney in Sugar Land could help a claimant file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver in court.

Fault and Relief for Car Crash Victims

The issue of fault could be determinative when plaintiffs are seeking relief from the court. The issue of comparative fault comes up a lot in car accident cases. Sometimes one driver is fully to blame for the accident, but other times both drivers were not paying attention or were otherwise acting negligently.

When both parties are at fault for causing the accident, the court applies the comparative fault rule. Under comparative fault, the court assesses and apportions a percentage value of fault for each party in order to determine if the plaintiff has the right to recover damages.

Texas follows the 51 percent bar rule under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.001. The 51 percent bar rule precludes any plaintiff from recovering damages if they are found 51 percent or more at fault for the cause of the accident. Simply put, you must prove that the other part is 51% or more at fault in trial.  Plaintiffs that are less than 51 percent at fault may still recover damages subtracted from their percentage of fault. A Sugar Land car accident lawyer would have to provide evidence supporting that the plaintiff did not contribute to the cause of the accident, or if they did, it was minimal and did not impact their right to receive damages.

Reach Out to a Sugar Land Car Accident Attorney Today

The destructive force and severity of an injury that results from an automobile accident could radically shift someone’s perspective. The legal consequences that follow could also be mentally and emotionally taxing.

Car accident cases could involve extensive commitment and could be overwhelming for plaintiffs to carry out on their own. A Sugar Land car accident lawyer might be able to help manage your case. They could help with filing paperwork, negotiate with opposing parties, and advocate for your rights. Start your journey to legal recovery by calling now to schedule a free consultation.