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Sugar Land Burn Injury Lawyer

While some burn injuries may be caused by brushing against a stovetop or coming in contact with scalding water, severe burns can also arise from accidents that would have been preventable if not for someone’s failure to meet their legal duty of care. Motor vehicle crashes, workplace incidents, faulty consumer products, and chemical explosions are just a few potential negligent causes of terrible burn injuries.

If you believe that someone else may be liable for your damages, you need to consult with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney. With a Sugar Land burn injury lawyer ready to advocate your interests on your behalf, you could recover financial compensation for your pain, suffering, medical costs, wage loss, emotional distress, and other losses.

Pursuing a Negligence Claim

An individual’s ability to recover financial compensation in a burn injury case is dependent upon whether they can prove that someone’s negligence caused their harm. The negligence doctrine contains four elements — duty, breach, causation, and damages. The individual must show that the at-fault party owed them a duty and breached this duty. Furthermore, the person must prove that the at-fault party’s breach was the reason they were injured and that these injuries resulted in compensable damages.

An attorney in Sugar Land could probe into the factors that caused the individual’s burn injury. A lawyer would also examine the evidence available to determine whether a person or business behaved negligently and could be legally answerable for the individual’s injuries and damages.

Burn Injury Degrees

The severity of a burn injury is based on the category it falls into. The higher the burn degree is, the greater the damage and risk of mortality can be. First-degree burns are typically mild, characterized by discomfort and a red tinge to the skin. These burns only impact the outermost layer of the skin.

Second-degree burns impact the surface and secondary skin layers, resulting in blistering, discomfort, and mottled skin. While the vast majority of individuals can survive second-degree burns, these burns can be deadly if they affect a large enough area of the person’s body.

Third-degree burns are extremely serious and can penetrate the deepest skin layer resulting in a scorched or bleached appearance. In some cases, third-degree burns may be so severe that the nerves are impacted. Third-degree burns can be deadly if the damage to the body is widespread enough.

Fourth-degree burns permeate the fatty skin layer while fifth-degree burns affect the muscles. Sixth-degree burns are so damaging that the bones become scorched. These three burn degrees are frequently lethal.

Potential Complications from a Burn Injury

A burn injury can inflict life-threatening, devastating damage to the body. Besides the potential of significant detriment to the person’s skin, nerves, muscles, and/or bones, a burn injury can result in permanent scarring and disability.

Some burn victims may require skin grafts, amputations, and reconstructive surgeries. Burn injuries may also lead to respiratory difficulties and inhalation injuries. A Sugar Land attorney could help someone who has suffered a burn injury recover monetary damages for their losses such as lost income, medical expenses, pain, and suffering.

Sugar Land Statute of Limitations for Burn Injury Cases

The statute of limitations for burn injury cases is two years from the date the accident occurs, as stated under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003. If a case is not filed by the close of the two-year interval, the injured party would be unable to seek financial damages. Considering the consequences that would follow if a victim does not file a claim within the respective time limit, retaining the services of a Sugar Land burn injury lawyer should be of the utmost importance.

Schedule Your Case Review with a Sugar Land Burn Injury Attorney

If you or your loved one suffered a burn injury, do not hesitate to contact a Sugar Land burn injury lawyer to see if you may have a legal case. A compassionate attorney could advise whether you may have a valid cause of action to pursue compensation. A lawyer could also help you understand what your options are to seek financial recovery. To get started on your case, make sure to schedule a consultation today.