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Sugar Land Boat Accident Lawyer

Accidents that occur on the water can have serious consequences. If someone is injured on a boat or other watercraft, it will take much longer for emergency responders to reach the scene. This delayed response could lead to more severe injuries.

If you were harmed while on a watercraft, you should consider reaching out to a Sugar Land boat accident lawyer who could help you obtain compensation. Call us today to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your case.

Regulations for Operating a Watercraft in Sugar Land

Similar to motor vehicle drivers, boat operators must abide by state regulations while on the water. Boaters must take basic safety courses before they are allowed to operate a watercraft.

Those who do not take the state-mandated courses may be more likely to cause an accident. Without adequate experience, an individual could misjudge the distance necessary to stop, slow down, or make turns.

Additionally, boaters must provide appropriate safety equipment on their craft. For example, passengers and operators are required to wear lifejackets in many boating situations.  A local attorney could inform injured boaters of the state’s regulations regarding watercraft safety.

Common Causes of Boat Crashes

Many boating incidents can result in injuries to swimmers, passengers, and other watercraft operators. Common causes of boat accidents may include:

  • Speeding
  • Lack of lifejackets or other safety gear
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Faulty watercraft parts
  • Dangerous weather conditions

A boat operator’s inexperience or recklessness can also lead to dangerous incidents, such as a passenger falling overboard or a collision with another watercraft. If another person’s negligence caused the accident, an injured party may file a personal injury claim. A lawyer with experience handling boat cases could assist a potential plaintiff in determining the cause of their accident.

Liability in Boat Accident Claims

All boat operators and occupants have a legal duty to adhere to waterway regulations, follow safety procedures, and take reasonable precautions for the wellbeing of others. Anyone who breaches these duties may be liable for any accident and the resulting damages.

A negligent boater may be financially responsible for an injured party’s medical bills, hospitalization costs, home health care expenses, and other losses. As with motor vehicle accidents, multiple entities could be responsible for a boat crash.

In most cases, the boat operator is the primary negligent party. However, other passengers or a manufacturer of a faulty part may be liable. An attorney could assist an injured person in identifying the parties responsible for their boating accident.

Contact a Sugar Land Boat Accident Attorney Today

From hospitalization to property damage, boat accidents can have a significant impact on your life. Taking legal action could help you maintain financial stability, but it can be difficult to handle a personal injury claim without the help of a skilled attorney.

If you were harmed in a watercraft incident, reach out to a Sugar Land boat accident lawyer. Our team could focus on your case while you recover from your injuries. Contact our office today to set up a free consultation with a legal professional.