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State Farm Insurance Claims in Texas

Texas State Farm Insurance Claims

More traffic collisions happen in Texas than in any other state in the nation. That’s according to the most recent findings from federal authorities, which also reveal that Texas auto accidents have surged 18% since 2020.

No matter how careful you are behind the wheel, you or someone you love could be hurt in one of these collisions at any point. If that happens and you have to deal with State Farm to recover, here is a helpful guide on how to file and handle State Farm car accident claims in Texas.

Basic Information to File a State Farm Insurance Claim in Texas

If you need to file a car accident claim with State Farm, here’s the information you’ll need on hand, ready to go, to facilitate your submission:

  • The date, time, and location of the incident
  • The vehicles involved in the crash
  • A description of what happened during the collision
  • A description of the damage

Keep in mind that you do NOT need to know everything about what occurred during the crash or what the extent of the damage was in order to file an auto accident claim with State Farm.

How to File a State Farm Crash Claim in Texas

The basic steps to initiate a State Farm claim for a Texas car accident are described below. If you or a loved one is badly injured — or if you’re already being contacted by an insurance company about crash injuries caused by someone else — skip directly to the last step.

  1. Prep your crash info: State Farm is going to want some basic information about the car accident to get a claim started, so have this ready to go (and see above for more details).
  2. Contact State Farm about the accident: Call 800-732-5246, visit this page on State Farm’s website, or use the mobile app to get your auto accident claim started. When you report the incident, remember, you do NOT have to provide an official statement (meaning a recorded statement about the accident), and you shouldn’t if you aren’t prepared to only talk about the facts of the wreck.
  3. Prepare/wait for the State Farm investigation: This can involve anything from inspecting the damaged vehicles to interviewing witnesses, reviewing damage estimates, and more. It could also mean that State Farm follows up with you to verify details, ask more questions, or make other requests.
  4. Do NOT cash anything State Farm sends you: In other words, don’t deposit any checks State Farm sends you. Doing so could signify that you’ve agreed to settle your claim, even if you’re not aware of it.
  5. Talk to a car accident lawyer ‘near me’ in Texas: State Farm claims representatives don’t work for you. They work for the insurance company. That means you can’t count on these representatives to have your back or do what’s right by you and your claim, especially if that means doing something that would go against the interests of State Farm. With an attorney, you’ll have an experienced professional in your corner, protecting your rights while working to advance a claim towards a favorable outcome.

State Farm Insurance Claims in Texas: FAQs

Revealing more about what crash victims need to know when it’s time to recover, the following FAQs share some helpful answers about State Farm auto accident claims in Texas.

What Should I Tell the State Farm Claims Representative?

Only talk about the facts you’re 100% positive about, including any details you fully remember about:

  • The road or weather conditions at the time of the wreck
  • What occurred right before the collision, like traffic flow conditions or the vehicles around you
  • The events you remember about the crash, like where you were hit, what you saw, or the sounds you heard
  • What took place right after the accident, including whether police were called and who was at the scene

Do NOT guess or answer any questions you don’t know the answers to. And, again, don’t let a claims representative pressure you into providing an official statement.

Does State Farm Always Get Liability Determinations Right?

No. Claims representatives can make mistakes unintentionally, and some may even bend the rules or step out of bounds to try to sway the outcome of claims to favor State Farm.

That’s why it’s strongly advised that you:

  • Investigate the auto accident on your own.
  • Do not take a wrongful denial of a claim as the last word.
  • Retain an experienced lawyer who can provide you with the advice, support, and representation you need to position a Texas auto accident claim for success.