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Staffing Company Confidentially Settles Employment Wage Lawsuit

According to a recent report by the IndyStar, a union-backed wage-and-hour lawsuit by 16 Indianapolis hotel workers against a national staffing company has been settled. Sources say the workers were not fully paid for different housekeep duties and other work they performed for the Atlanta based Hospitality Staffing Solutions. Sources say the clients contended that their unpaid time added up to several thousand dollars owed to each of them.

According to the article, workers alleged numerous violations of labor laws by the , including telling them to work off the clock, requiring them to clean a certain number of rooms even if it meant finishing on breaks or after they clocked out and not paying overtime for work done after the normal workday. The lawsuit sought payment from HSS of double the wages owed, plus legal fees. Attorneys for the Plaintiffs point out that many of the workers did not speak English which made the vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Reportedly, the exact terms of the settlement are confidential.

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