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Semi-Truck Plunged into Pond in Laramie

A semi-truck plunged into a pond near Laramie on Friday, April 9th. Wyoming Highway Patrol was one of the authorities present at the scene following the accident, which happened on Interstate 80. The semi-truck was occupied only by the driver, though it is unknown what the vehicle was carrying. The driver seemed to have lost control of the steering due to the icy road conditions and high-speed driving. The driver’s actions led the semi-truck to crash on the pond’s fenced area, before ultimately plunging into it. Luckily, the driver survived the crash with minor injuries and is currently receiving treatment at Ivinson Memorial Hospital.

Can Road Conditions Cause A Car Accident?

NHTSA has identified road conditions as one of the factors that could lead to a car accident, but what does that mean to you, legally, as someone who happened to find themselves involved in one? Well, unfortunately, if your crash happens to be a single-vehicle crash, it may impact whether or not you may be able to file a claim to your auto insurance provider.

Whether or not this is possible can usually be determined by your type of insurance – and if you happen to have comprehensive coverage, you are entitled to a claim even to car accidents that occur due to road conditions. To know more about what type of legal action may be possible for you as a person who was involved in a car accident due to road conditions, call us today to get in touch with one of our attorneys at (713) 352-7975, who can provide free consultation on your case.

Source: Cowboy State Daily