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Round Rock Truck Accident Lawyer

Round Rock Truck Accident Lawyer

Representation for Survivors & Families in All Types of 18-Wheeler Accident Cases

Round Rock, TX, has been ranked as the 8th fastest-growing city in the Lone Star State. That growth has been wonderful for the local economy, but it’s also brought a surge in motor vehicle crashes. In fact, from University Blvd. to US 79 and beyond, Round Rock’s roads have seen a steady increase in wrecks over the past decade. According to the latest data, since 2010, traffic accidents in Round Rock have skyrocketed, jumping up nearly 780%.

Today, that means there’s an average of at least 7 traffic collisions every day in Round Rock, TX. The worst of these crashes usually involve some of the biggest vehicles on the roads — heavy big rigs that weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.

After an accident with one of these commercial vehicles, the more information you can get about your rights and legal options, the better. The following begins to shed light on what’s crucial to know about big rig crash claims. For case-specific answers and advice, talk to a Round Rock truck accident attorney.

When Can I Sue After a Semi-Truck Accident in Round Rock, TX?

You may have a case against any negligent parties if:

  1. The filing deadline has not passed: You generally have 2 years in Texas to file a truck accident claim. If that deadline passes and you haven’t filed your claim, you may no longer have the chance to do so. That can mean losing the option to pursue compensation for your truck accident injuries.
  2. You were not primarily at fault for the crash: According to Texas’s modified comparative fault statute, even if you were partly at fault, you may still be entitled to compensation as long as you were not primarily to blame for causing the wreck. Consequently, fault determinations in big rig accident cases are very important.

Keep in mind these are not the only factors that could impact whether you’re able to sue after a Round Rock 18-wheeler crash. A truck accident attorney in Round Rock, Texas, can help you determine if you have a claim and, if so, how to proceed.

Who Can I Sue After a Round Rock Truck Wreck?

You can sue the parties who were at fault for the 18-wheeler crash if you have a valid claim (based on the factors discussed in the previous question). You need to discuss the specifics of your big rig accident with a lawyer to get clear answers — and it may be necessary to look carefully at evidence like a copy of the Round Rock Police Department report for the accident, as well as crash photos and other items, to figure out each liable party (because there could be more than one).

That said, some parties are commonly liable for tractor-trailer accidents in Round Rock and throughout the U.S. They tend to include:

  • Reckless drivers: Nearly 9 in 10 truck wrecks are caused by a driver error, federal authorities report. While motorist misconduct can come in many forms, when it comes to truckers operating 18-wheeler accidents, crash-causing negligence typically includes speeding, prescription drug use, fatigue, and inadequate surveillance. For passenger vehicle drivers, the negligence that causes wrecks usually includes alcohol impairment, speeding, and distracted driving.
  • Negligent companies: Trucking industry companies, like motor carriers and shippers, can be liable when their failures or oversights contribute to wrecks. Similarly, automakers and vehicle equipment manufacturers can be liable when unsafe or faulty vehicle components fail and play a role in causing crashes. Vehicle problems are reportedly a factor in more than 1 in 10 truck accidents.
  • Other negligent parties: Unsafe roads, poorly constructed highway work zones, and several other factors can also spur serious tractor-trailer accidents, injuries, and deaths. Any parties whose negligence is a factor in causing a big rig wreck can be held liable for the accidents and harm they cause.

Do I Need a Round Rock Truck Accident Lawyer?

Yes, if you were hurt in an 18-wheeler wreck, it’s generally in your best interests to partner with a lawyer when it’s time to file a claim for compensation. The truth is that simply being an accident victim may not be enough — on its own — to get you the financial recovery you may deserve. That’s because:

  • Crafting a winning case can be challenging: From investigations and evidence to insurance companies, negotiations, and beyond, there can be several moving parts to a single tractor-trailer accident case. An attorney can manage every aspect of a case to help advance towards a more favorable resolution than if victims handled their own claims.
  • The path to justice is not always clear: You could have more than one claim, and each case could have a distinct process and different filing deadlines. A Round Rock truck accident lawyer can figure out each path to recovery, exhausting the legal remedies to help victims hold every at-fault party accountable.
  • Victims can face an uphill battle to get the justice and recovery they deserve: No matter how deserving a victim may be or how clear-cut fault may seem, insurance companies can still give victims the runaround, try to blame them for the wreck, or offer them unfair settlements. A lawyer can push back when any of that happens, helping pave the way for a smoother claim while increasing the chances of better resolutions.

Remember, there’s limited time to file a truck accident claim, and partnering with a trusted Round Rock truck accident lawyer can make a big difference when it’s time to get justice.