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Progressive Insurance Claims in Texas

Texas Progressive Insurance Claims

Every 57 seconds, a car crash happens somewhere in Texas, the latest data tells us. If or when you’re in one of these wrecks and Progressive insurance is involved, this guide can help you:

  • Figure out how to file or handle a claim.
  • Understand how the Progressive insurance claims progress typically works in Texas.
  • Get a clear idea of what you need to do to protect your rights and claim throughout the process.

3 Ways to File a Progressive Insurance Claim in Texas

You can easily get a Progressive car accident claim started in Texas by taking one of the following three steps:

  1. Call 1-800-766-4737 to start a Progressive accident claim over the phone.
  2. Submit a claim online. You will need to be able to log in to your Progressive auto policy to do this.
  3. File a claim via the mobile app. The Progressive mobile app can be downloaded here.

When you’re starting a Progressive insurance claim in Texas, it’s also crucial to know that:

  • Your policy will spell out any specific time limits for filing a Progressive auto accident claim.
  • You can contact an attorney before you initiate a claim. In other words, you don’t have to approach the Progressive claims process alone.

6 Steps to Filing a Progressive Insurance Claim in Texas

As you prepare to get a Progressive motor vehicle crash claim started, here’s what you can generally expect going forward:

  1. Get the claim started over the phone, online, or on the mobile app (see above for details). If you are not covered by Progressive but the at-fault driver is, then simply report the crash to your insurance company, and a Progressive adjuster will likely get in contact with you.
  2. Prepare to share facts about the accident, including the date and location of the Texas car accident, as well as the parties and vehicles involved. If you start your claim via the app or online, you can expect a claims representative to call you after.
  3. NEVER admit fault, even if you think you may have partially caused a wreck.
  4. Do NOT rely on Progressive’s claims representatives or adjusters to be upfront, totally transparent, or careful about respecting your rights. They are actually intent on protecting Progressive, not you, and that often means looking for any grounds to undercut or avoid paying crash claims.
  5. Pursue vehicle estimates and any medical care you need to treat your injuries. Keep records of everything, including lost wages.
  6. Get answers about your rights and claim from a Texas auto accident attorney who has experience with Progressive insurance claims. It’s prudent to do this as soon as you know you’ll be filing a crash claim and before accepting a settlement or cashing a check from Progressive.

Progressive Insurance Claims in Texas: FAQs

Explaining more about how Progressive auto accident claims work, here are some helpful FAQs about the process.

Do I Have to Report Any Auto Wreck I’m in to Progressive?

If Progressive provides your auto insurance coverage, the company recommends that you “contact us any time you have a loss, especially if you’re looking to get something repaired.”

If you don’t report an accident to Progressive, you could be setting yourself up for more problems later, particularly if:

  • There’s a police report for the accident, in which case Progressive may find out about the accident even if you don’t directly tell them about it.
  • Another party decides to sue you over the accident.

How Does Progressive Determine Fault for Car Accident Claims?

Claims representatives will conduct investigations to determine fault for a wreck. Generally, that means doing things like (but not limited to):

  • Reviewing state laws
  • Interviewing you and/or other involved parties
  • Checking out crash scene evidence
  • Possibly revising the site of the wreck

On paper, that may sound fair and straightforward. In reality, however, that may not be the case at all. In fact, insurance company representatives — including those at Progressive — are not usually driven to conduct neutral, thorough investigations.

Instead, their investigations can be biased by their interests in protecting the insurance company, and that can mean:

  • The insurance investigation does not look at all of the evidence or interpret it subjectively.
  • Progressive representatives do NOT always or necessarily get fault determinations correct.
  • Legitimate crash claims can be wrongly denied or grossly undervalued.

How Much Does Progressive Pay for Auto Accident Claims?

While each claim is unique and different payouts may be granted for different claims, Progressive is in business to protect its bottom line. In many cases, that means trying to pay as little as possible for claims.

For you, that means you shouldn’t expect Progressive to offer you everything you may deserve just because you file a claim and you have evidence of fault. Instead, it’s more judicious to expect that:

  • Your claim will be lowballed.
  • You’ll have to push back and negotiate with Progressive.
  • You may have to gear up for a court battle if Progressive wrongly blames you for a wreck in order to try to avoid paying for the claim altogether.

Filing a Progressive Insurance Claim in Texas?

When it comes to Progressive car crash claims in Texas, the bottom line is that:

  • Progressive isn’t looking out for the victims of wrecks. The company is focused on preserving its bottom line.
  • The claims process can be more involved and confusing than Progressive suggests online.
  • You cannot rely on Progressive to play by the rules, do the right thing, or appropriately handle every claim.
  • You can have much better chances of successfully resolving a claim and recovering full, fair compensation with the help of an experienced auto accident attorney in Texas.