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How to Collect & Preserve Evidence for a Tire Defect Claim

Evidence is crucial to the success of a tire defect claim. The right evidence can uncover the nature of the tire defect, how it caused a crash and the liable parties. When it is time to gather all of the essential evidence for a tire defect claim, it is time to contact a Houston lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm.

Tireless, strategic and diligent, our attorneys are highly experienced at building and resolving various types of dangerous product claims, including those related to defective tires. If you or a loved one has been hurt by a faulty or defective tire, we are ready to provide you with exceptional advocacy in the pursuit of compensation and justice.

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What Type of Evidence Can Support a Tire Defect Claim?

How to Collect & Preserve Evidence for a Tire Defect Claim

How to Collect & Preserve Evidence for a Tire Defect Claim

Various evidence can help establish that a tire was defective and that the defective tire contributed to a car accident. This can include (and may not be limited to):

  • Pictures – This includes crash and accident scene photos taken by you, other drivers and/or police. These pictures may show important details like damaged tires on vehicles, tire tread marks on the street and/or tire debris at or around the scene.
  • Pieces of tires– Detached tread belts and other pieces of tires can be examined, analyzed and tested by experts later. This may help establish the presence of design and/or manufacturing defects. It may also reveal whether installation mistakes played a role in causing the tire failure.
  • Witness information – Witness statements can clarify how a tire failed, when a driver lost control and what happened next. They may also point the way to other evidence by, for instance, providing information about where tire debris landed or sharing additional accident scene photos.
  • Police reports – These reports provide a number of important details about an accident, including anything from what the involved drivers said after the accident to information regarding the evidence officers collected at the scene. Police reports can also include pictures, witness contact information and investigators’ findings regarding fault.

Evidence for Tire Defect Claims: How Can an Attorney Help?

A lawyer can provide crucial help and guidance in the process of collecting, preserving and, ultimately, presenting evidence for a defective tire claim. While the attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm always tailor their service to fit the specific needs of a claim, some things they can do to assist with the evidentiary needs include:

  • Returning to the scene of the accident to conduct further investigation and look for additional evidence – Pieces of defective tires commonly land several feet away from the accident scene, sometimes in off-road areas. That can make it easy for police to miss seeing this evidence, especially when they may be attending to accident victims. Going back to inspect the scene more closely can yield pieces of the defective tire and possibly other evidence.
  • Gathering the right expert witnesses to back up a claim – Tire experts, vehicle handling experts and accident reconstructionists are just some of the expert witnesses who can provide crucial testimony to strengthen tire defect claims.
  • Overseeing discovery that can reveal the potential defense arguments – This can be key to developing effective counterarguments to the defense case.
  • Preserving the evidence throughout the course of the claim – This step is important to making sure that key evidence is not destroyed or tampered with as the claim proceeds. Documenting the condition of evidence and using chains-of-custody are essential parts of evidence preservation.
  • Effectively presenting the evidence in any legal setting – Ultimately, this is integral to proving liability for tire defects, holding the negligent parties accountable and helping injured people secure the financial recoveries they deserve.

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While compensation can never change the irreversible damage caused by defective tires and serious car crashes, it can be critical to helping injured people and families restore their lives.

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