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Do I Have a Tire Defect Case?

Do I Have a Tire Defect Case?

Do I Have a Tire Defect Case?

Modern tires are generally made to last for 60,000 to 80,000 miles before they need to be replaced. All too often, however, tires fail to last this long. In many cases, these failures – like tread separations, blowouts and explosions – are the result of a preventable defect or flaw.

When any type of tire failure occurs and causes a crash, the experienced lawyers at the Amaro Law Firm will be ready to help victims:

  • Determine whether a defective or unsafe tire was to blame
  • Identify the at-fault parties and hold them accountable
  • Pursue the financial recoveries and justice they deserve.

Hurt by a Defective or Faulty Tire?

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Essential Elements of a Tire Defect Claim

While tire defect cases can be complicated, some fundamental elements must exist in order to give rise to these claims. These elements include:

  1. The presence of a defect or flaw that renders the tire dangerous or unsafe – Tire defects or flaws can include design defects, manufacturing defects and/or problems arising from improper installation of tires. Depending on the nature of the defect or problem, the liable parties can include tire manufacturers, retailers and/or tire service centers. In the event the tire was imported, an importer may also be liable for the harm caused by tire defects and failures.
  2. Injuries or harm caused by the dangerous, faulty tire – In addition to establishing that a tire is flawed, dangerous and/or defective, it is also necessary to prove that the faulty tire is directly responsible for the injuries and losses sustained. Proving this element can require various evidence, like accident scene photos, police reports and expert witness testimony.
  3. Proper use of the tire – In other words, an injured party must demonstrate that (s)he was using the tire as intended. This may involve establishing that a tire had not aged past its shelf life and/or that a motorist was driving safely at the time of a crash (e.g., not speeding or driving recklessly).

Although the elements of a tire defect claim may seem relatively basic and straightforward in theory, it can be far more difficult in practice to identify and/or prove these factors. This is particularly true when it is time to go up against manufacturers and others who may be experienced at fighting tire defect claims.

The good news is that injured people do not have to pursue these legal battles on their own.

They can turn to an attorney at the Amaro Law Firm for experienced representation, support and guidance at any phase of their case. Our lawyers are ready to help you determine if you have a tire defect claim and, if so, help you take the right steps to hold all liable parties accountable for your injuries and losses.

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