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Porsche Recall Announced For 918 Spyder

A Porsche recall has been issued for the 918 Spyder sports car, the company’s most rare and expensive production model. The Porsche recall stems from tests that revealed that the fasteners on the front axle can come loose. The tests showed that serious accidents can occur when these fasteners loosen at high speeds. Although no accidents, injuries or fatalities have been attributed to the problem, the company issued an immediate recall when its internal testing results reached executives.

Porsche Recall Affects 205 Vehicles

The Porsche recall affects only 205 vehicles worldwide, with 43 of those in the U.S. The entire production run of the 918 Spyder was, coincidentally, 918 vehicles, so nearly one-fourth of the entire run has been affected by the recall. Recalls from companies such as General Motors, Honda and Toyota encompassed millions of vehicles, none of them affected such a significant percentage of a production run as the Porsche recall.

Porsche Recall On Rarest, Most Expensive Car

The announcement about the 918 Spyder shows that the recall bug can affect even the most prestigious vehicles and the most honored manufacturers. The 918 Spyder works as a rare gasoline/electric hybrid sports car that can reach over 160 miles per hour. The 918 carried a retail price of over $845,000 until the last retail units were sold in November. Unlike most auto recalls in recent months, the Porsche recall came as a result of internal testing reports, rather than accident reports or customer complaints.

Porsche Recall Second This Year

The front-axle Porsche recall is the second recall announcement for the 918 Spyder this year. In July, the company announced a Porsche recall due to defects in the 918’s rear control arms. The recall stems from problems that include potential breakage of the rear axle under severe racing conditions. The year’s first Porsche recall affected 46 vehicles, only five of which were in the U.S.

Porsche Recall Shows Company’s Approach

Industry experts have remarked how the Porsche recalls have demonstrated the German automaker’s response to product defects, as well as how the company’s response has differed from those of their industry rivals. An earlier Porsche recall involved sudden engine fires in the 911 GT3. The company authorized engine replacements on the 785 units sold to its customers. In contrast, an investigation showed that GM covered up the problems with its ignition switches in millions of vehicles for over a decade.

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