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Police Stations in Houston

The Houston Police Department (HPD) maintains 21 stations and storefronts across the city, so it can manage law enforcement resources and patrols in different neighborhoods while making it easier for officers to respond to traffic accidents, alleged crimes, and other incidents.

No matter when or why you need to contact the Houston police, here’s a simplified directory clearly listing:

  1. All 21 Houston police stations and storefronts
  2. The areas (districts) each station serves, where applicable
  3. Contact information for each Houston police station

Hours, noting which are available for 24/7 emergency response (to car accidents, crime in progress, etc.) versus which HPD stations are reserved for administrative purposes

Houston Police Department Stations & Storefronts

If you’re ever in danger and need emergency assistance from the HPD, call 911, regardless of where you’re at in or around the Greater Houston area. For non-emergency services and responses, the table below outlines where and how to get ahold of the HPD in a given neighborhood.

HPD Substation Street Address + Phone Number District Patrolled (Beat* )
HPD Headquarters 1200 Travis Street | 713.884.3131 Administrative
Downtown 1900 Rusk | 832.394.0000 District 1 (1A10)
North 9455 W. Montgomery | 832.394.3800 Districts 3 & 6 (6B40)
North Belt 100 Glenborough | 832.394.4900 District 22 (22B10-B40)
Northwest 6000 Teague | 832.394.5500 Districts 4 & 5 (5F30)
Northeast 8301 Ley Rd | 832.395.1500 Districts 7 through 9 (8C30)
South Central 2202 St. Emanuel | 832.394.0200 District 10 (10H50)
Eastside 7525 Sherman | 832.395.1580 District 11 (11H10)
Clear Lake 2855 Bay Area Blvd. | 832.395.1777 District 12 (12D50)
Southeast 8300 Mykawa | 832.394.1600 Districts 13 & 14 (14D30)
Southwest 13097 Nitida St. | 832.394.0400 Districts 15 & 16 (16E30)
South Gessner Division 8605 Westplace Dr. | 832.394.4700 District 17 (17E40A)
Midwest 7277 Regency Square| 832.394.1200 District 18 (18F50)
Westside 3203 S. Dairy Ashford | 832.394.5600 Districts 19 & 20 (20G30)
Airport – IAH 3100 N. Terminal Rd. | 281.230.6800 District 21 (21I20)
Airport – HOU 7800 Airport | 713.845.6800 District 23 (23J20)
Kingwood 3915 Rustic Woods | 832.395.1800 District (24 (24C20)
Central 33 Artesian | 713.247.4400 Districts 1 & 2 (2A40)
Gulfton 6227 Southwest Freeway | 832.394.2660 N/A
Ranchester 9160 Bellaire (Suite F) | 832.394.2780 N/A
Sunnyside 3511 Reed Road | 832.394.7465 N/A


To check out the HPD’s beat map, click here. You can also see where the various police stations and storefronts are located throughout Houston on the map below.

When to Contact the Houston Police

Generally, it’s a good rule of thumb to contact the HPD in circumstances like (but not limited to) the following:

  • You are concerned a crime is happening and/or someone’s life (even your own) may be in danger.
  • You are in a car accident that results in any injuries or property damage of at least $1,000.
  • After a car accident, another driver seems intoxicated or is threatening you.
  • Another driver hits you and flees the scene.
  • After a crash, another driver doesn’t have a license or auto insurance.
  • You witness an auto wreck (sharing what you saw with police investigating the accident).
  • The wreckage of a car accident is blocking traffic (regardless of whether you are a party to the crash).

Remember, police may not be the only resources in Houston that you have after an accident or traffic crash hurts you or someone you love. An experienced personal injury lawyer can offer important help too, explaining your rights and options for recovering.


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