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Oil Rig Explosion

The rig explosion attorneys at the Amaro Law Firm are committed to helping oil & gas workers injured in rig explosions.  Given the level of potential danger that can exist at a well site at any given time, the risk of explosions and fires is always quite high.  Rig explosions can have devastating effects on oil and gas workers, on adjacent property that suffers extensive fire damage, and also on the well operation itself. There are typically many liability issues in the event of an explosion or fire on a well site operation as many parties are usually involved and the help of a rig explosion attorney is critical to determine the parties responsible.

Explosions and fires occur on rigs and well drilling sites for a wide variety of reasons, such as defective machinery and equipment that may fail and cause a devastating chain of events. Worker negligence can also play a role in a rig accident which causes and explosion.  Typically though, fault will rest with the company’s in charge of the rig which have taken short cuts so that production is not delayed.

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Equipment failures, unsafe practices, and more can cause oil rig explosions. When these accidents happen and hurt you, here’s how to hold the at-fault party accountable so you can recover.

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