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Paralyzed Rider Spurs Trek Bicycle Recall

An accident that left a cyclist in a wheelchair has spurred a Trek bicycle recall of nearly a million of the company’s bicycles. The product recall covers bicycles manufactured from 2000 to 2015. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued the Trek bicycle recall when news of the 2014 accident hit the press earlier this week. At least two other riders were injured due to a faulty quick-release lever on the bicycle’s front wheel.

Details of the Trek Bicycle Recall

The Trek bicycle recall involves all models years since 2000 that come with front disc brakes and a quick release lever. The silver or black lever must move through more than 180 degrees from its open to its locked positions to qualify for the Trek bicycle recall. The sale price of the recalled bicycles range from $480 to $1,650. The recall covers more than 900,000 units in the U.S. and nearly 100,000 in Canada.

Dangers from the Trek Bicycle Recall Defect

The defect that led to the Trek bicycle recall involves the front wheel’s quick release lever. When the lever is left in the open position, it can catch on the disc rotor. The lever can then cause the front wheel to stop suddenly and propel the rider over the handlebars. The defective lever can also cause the front wheel to come loose from the front forks. The loss of the front wheel can also cause a serious accident. The Trek bicycle recall seeks to replace the defective lever with a new lever in a quick repair procedure.

Impact of Trek Bicycle Recall

Although the Trek bicycle recall involves nearly a million units, reports of accidents involving the defective lever have only recently surfaced. Industry observers noted that the part responsible for the Trek bicycle recall was not manufactured by Trek, but by a third party that supplies similar levers to other bicycle manufacturers. The defective part may be found in bicycles from other manufacturers, so riders should have their bicycles examined by a professional to determine if they have the same problem.

Company Acts Quickly on Trek Bicycle Recall

Officials with the company have acted promptly in the wake of the announced Trek bicycle recall. Thousands of bicycle shops have already received replacement parts for the defective lever. Reports show that the replacement procedure takes less than five minutes. Trek spokesman Eric Bjorling told reporters that the company issued the Trek bicycle recall “to make people aware of the issue” after the press released the injury reports. He also stated that the company was unaware of the defect until those injury reports reached the mainstream press.

Source: Outside Magazine

Know Your Rights in a Trek Bicycle Recall Lawsuit

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