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Other Consumer Products Made With Talc

other products contain talcThree lawsuits recently determined that talc, the softest mineral known to man, can cause ovarian cancer.  Women claiming their daily use of talcum powder for personal hygiene, led to their ovarian cancer while Johnson & Johnson was aware of the risks, yet failed to warn the public.  In recent years, thousands of women have filed suit against Johnson & Johnson with the same allegations.  The company’s baby powder, however, is far from the only product that contains talc.

Talc is a mineral that reduces friction and absorbs moisture, making it a preferred ingredient in hygiene products, cosmetics, medicines, and even food.  Some of the most common cosmetics that contain talc include a blush made by Maybelline, color stay powder made by Revlon, and mineral powder from Cover Girl.  Additionally, some antiperspirants and soaps contain talc to obtain moisture.

Ironically, talc also plays a small role in the medical field.  Some tablets include talc, which is used to prevent caking and coat certain tablets whose medicine is released over an extended period of time.  Talc may also help treat fluid buildup between the lungs and chest wall in cancer patients as well as cystic fibrosis patients.  Talc can also be found in some foods.  Candy and chewing gum are known to have a light coating of talc in order to prevent the item from sticking to the wrapper.  The mineral can also be found in olive oil where it is used to improve clarity.

The mechanism of injury in the talcum powder lawsuits is that ovarian cancer is caused after years of talcum powder use where talc particles travel up the fallopian tubes and into the ovaries.  If you or your loved one have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder for feminine hygiene, contact the Amaro Law Firm’s attorneys today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.