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Other Accidents

Seeking Compensation Following an Accident

There are countless ways in which you can be injured at home, work, on commercial or residential properties, simply out on the street or elsewhere. Of course, you take due caution not to put yourself in danger and to avoid accidents but there are unfortunately times when the actions of another put you at risk. Along with representing victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, explosion accidents and maritime accidents, Amaro Law Firm also helps those injured in boating accidents, bus accidents, construction accidents and more. However you have suffered, it is vital you talk to an attorney about pursuing compensation as soon as possible. Delays may endanger the validity of your claim or the evidence necessary to prove its true value.

Other common accidents which render victims in need of damages include workplace accidents, construction accidents, nursing home accidents, downing accidents, train accidents, dog bites, pedestrian accidents and slip & fall accidents. Our legal team has the knowledge and experience necessary to identify the liable party and aggressively pursue your claim. This may involve an individual, government agency, or a property owner in cases of premises liability or manufacturer in product liability cases. We can also address cases where a third party can be pursued for compensation in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

When we represent you, we will leave no stone unturned in preparing your case and fighting for the outcome you deserve. We are not your typical attorneys or law firm and are inspired by genuine compassion to do all we can to help you and your family. Our dedication has resulted in our achieving hundreds of successful case resolutions and recovering millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.