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North Texas Accident Leaves Woman Dead

A North Texas accident in Wheeler County turned the Thursday rush hour into a deadly scene. A Wheeler woman, 44-year-old Janett Ann Umstead, tried to pass another vehicle just after 6 p.m. Thursday and lost control of her 2011 Chevrolet Suburban. According to reports from Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, the SUV skidded on the wet road and careened into a ditch, then went over a fence and rolled to a stop.

Rain Leads to North Texas Accidents

Heavy rains that had pounded the Panhandle area reportedly contributed to the North Texas accident. The Suburban involved in the accident hydroplaned on the slick roads before it lost control. Weather reports show ranges from just over an inch of rain northeast of Amarillo to over four inches east of Lubbock. Many roads and freeways in the area were impassable due to the high water. Several underpasses of Interstate 40 near Amarillo were flooded out due to the heavy rains.

Flooded Vehicle Involved in North Texas Accident

Another North Texas accident occurred when a man drove his vehicle through a flooded railroad underpass. Amarillo emergency workers responded to reports of a flooded vehicle at 10:20 Friday morning. The driver attempted to move through the high water, but his engine flooded out and the car stalled. He could not escape the vehicle and walk out, so Amarillo police and fire personnel rescued him from the stalled car.

Source: Amarillo Globe-News

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