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NC Construction Site Death Probe Could Take Months

The probe into three construction site deaths at a Raleigh high rise could take months to uncover the root causes. Four men reportedly fell more than 200 feet from scaffold. Three died at the scene, while the other was hospitalized. The victims worked for a scaffolding company that had received two prior safety citations.

A spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Labor told reporters that the investigation into the incident could take up to six months. The department also ordered a halt to work on the Charter Square building while the agency investigates the construction site deaths.

Details on Construction Site Deaths

The three construction site deaths occurred while several men were working on a mast climber scaffold. The scaffold moves up and down the length of the building and transports workers to different floors. Preliminary reports showed that one of the tracks that moves the scaffold along the building’s face had snapped.

Four men fell several stories in the construction site death incident. Three lost their lives, while a fourth was listed in fair condition. All four men were Hispanic immigrants who had reportedly been sending money back to their families.

Companies In Construction Site Death Incident Cited

The building’s contractor, Choate Construction Company, had subcontracted the scaffolding work to Associated Scaffolding. A local report stated that the four workers had been dismantling the scaffold at the time of the construction site death accident.

Reports also showed that Associated Scaffolding had received two citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the last decade. A 2007 citation related to the company’s access equipment for scaffolding platforms. A year later, OSHA cited the company for its storage of welding materials. Choate Construction had also received a minor citation in 2014 for storing flammable materials outdoors without a nearby fire extinguisher.

“Loud Crash” Sounded at Construction Site Death Location

Witnesses in the area where the construction site deaths occurred reported hearing a “loud crash” as the scaffold broke loose. Peter Thuston, who was working inside the building when the construction site death incident happened, stated that his view of the accident “was just a loud crash and a huge cloud of smoke.” Although he reported seeing three men wearing safety harnesses, he said that he “noticed three of the guys and it looked like they were dead.”

Source: KLTV

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