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N. Dakota Engineer Files Tanker Train Injury Lawsuit

The engineer of a train that derailed and exploded in December 2013 has filed a tanker train injury lawsuit against the railroad. The tanker train injury lawsuit alleges that the engineer, Bryan Thompson of Fargo, North Dakota, suffered severe physical and emotional injuries when he was unable to stop an oil tanker truck. The suit states that the railroad failed to warn the engineer of the dangers involved hauling oil tanker cars, including the likelihood of fire, rupture and explosion.

Accident Prompts Tanker Train Injury Lawsuit

Mr. Thompson’s tanker train injury lawsuit described an accident that occurred on December 30, 2013, near the town of Casselton, North Dakota. The accident happened when Mr. Thompson was driving an oil tanker train. A train hauling loads of grain was moving on a neighboring track in the opposite direction when it derailed. The grain train then collided with Mr. Thompson’s train, forcing the oil tanker train off its rails. The tanker train injury lawsuit describes how Mr. Thompson escaped as the tanker cars caught fire and exploded.

Tanker Train Injury Lawsuit Alleges Railroad Negligence

The railroad named in the tanker train injury lawsuit, BNSF Railway, released a statement after the accident that reported no injuries had occurred. However, the tanker train injury lawsuit alleges that Mr. Thompson sustained “severe and permanent injuries,” as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, due to the accident. The suit also claims that BNSF was using defective tanker cars to haul the volatile oil and failed to inspect, maintain and repair its equipment, rail cars and railroad tracks.

Cars In Tanker Train Injury Lawsuit Involved In Quebec Derailment

The tanker cars in the accident mentioned in the tanker train injury lawsuit have reportedly had a less-than-perfect safety record. The accident referenced in the North Dakota tanker train injury lawsuit occurred less than a year after 47 people died in a similar incident in Quebec, Canada. The Quebec accident involved the derailment of 72 cars carrying crude oil from North Dakota’s oil fields. The cars rolled driverless down a hill and into the small town of Lac-Megantic. The resulting explosions left 47 people dead.

Tanker Train Injury Lawsuit Highlights Oil Field Dangers

The tanker train injury lawsuit shows the risks that workers have encountered in America’s newest oil patch. With the advent of hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking”, North Dakota moved from ninth to second in oil production among U.S. states, behind only Texas. The growth in the state’s oil production has produced a number of safety concerns. Workers have sustained injuries on tanker trucks, at drilling sites, and in traffic accidents stemming from the growing number of heavy trucks on roads not designed to handle such loads.

Source: Jamestown Sun

Know Your Rights in a Tanker Train Injury Lawsuit

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