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Mesothelioma Treatment Options: An Overview 

Mesothelioma Treatment Options

Mesothelioma Treatment Options

The best course of treatment for mesothelioma depends on various factors, including:

  • The type of mesothelioma – Mesothelioma can affect the tissues that line the lungs, the heart and/or abdomen.
  • The stage of mesothelioma – Later stages (like stage 3 or 4) will usually require more aggressive, intensive treatments than earlier stages (like stage 1 or 2).
  • Whether mesothelioma has spread (metastasized) – If the mesothelioma has spread to other organs or systems of the body, more extensive treatment will typically be necessary.
  • The age and health of the patient – Mesothelioma patients who are older and/or who are living with other health complications may require specialized treatments to fit their needs and prevent further health complications.

The sooner mesothelioma is diagnosed and treated, the more likely it is that patients will have better prognoses and improved quality of life.

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Standard Treatments for Mesothelioma

In general, standard treatments for mesothelioma include a combination of:

  • Surgery to extract the tumor(s) and/or part (or all) of any organ that has been irreparably damaged by cancerous cells
  • Chemotherapy to try to kill the malignant cells
  • Radiation to try to reduce the size of the malignant cells.

A mesothelioma treatment plan that includes at least two of the above options is typically referred to as a “multimodal” treatment. Here’s an example how a multimodal treatment for mesothelioma could work:

  1. Radiation is administered first to try to reduce the size of the mesothelioma tumor(s). This would be considered a “neoadjuvant” treatment because it’s delivered prior to the primary treatment.
  2. Surgery, the primary treatment, is pursued to remove the mesothelioma tumor(s). One or more procedures may be necessary, depending on the size(s) and location(s) of the tumor(s).
  3. Chemotherapy is administered as a follow-up treatment to eliminate any remaining malignant cells. This would be considered an “adjuvant” treatment because it’s delivered after the primary treatment.

Additional Mesothelioma Treatments

In addition to traditional treatments for mesothelioma, the following treatment options may be also be viable:

  • Clinical trials can expose mesothelioma patients to cutting-edge treatment options. Immunotherapy and photodynamic therapy are a couple of examples of emerging mesothelioma treatments that have recently been the focus of clinical trials.
  • Alternative treatments like acupuncture or massage therapy may be helpful for relieving some of the painful symptoms of mesothelioma.
  • Palliative care is focused on reducing patients’ pain and improving their quality of life (rather than treating the malignancy). Pain medication, nutrition therapy and physical therapy are examples of palliative care that can be provided to mesothelioma patients.

These additional mesothelioma treatments may be prescribed when:

  • Traditional options have already been exhausted (with little success).
  • The condition has advanced to a late stage.
  • The malignancies have spread throughout the body.

Beyond Medical Treatments: Legal Remedies & Recoveries for Mesothelioma

It’s important for mesothelioma patients to understand that medical treatments may be just one option they have for recovery. Depending on the circumstances that contributed to the condition, these patients may also be able to pursue legal remedies and financial recovery for damages like (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Past medical bills
  • Future mesothelioma treatment costs
  • Lost wages
  • Mental suffering
  • Loss of consortium.

The best way to determine whether you have a mesothelioma claim is to contact the Amaro Law Firm for a free case evaluation.

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