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Dealing with Multiple Parties in Motor Vehicle & Truck Wrecks: Who’s Liable?

Liability for motor vehicle and truck accidents does not always sit solely with a single individual or party. In fact, many traffic wrecks are the result of multiple parties’ negligence. In these cases, victims can have multiple claims to hold each negligent party liable.

Revealing more about how these claims work, the following answers some common questions about liability determinations when dealing with multiple parties after truck and car accidents. For helpful answers and advice specific to your situation, don’t hesitate to contact a Houston car and truck accident lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm.

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How Do I Know Who Is Liable for My Car or Truck Accident?

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The details and evidence associated with your crash are the key to determining which party or parties are liable for it. While other motorists may be at fault, parties like (and not limited to) the following may also be liable:

  • Motor carriers
  • Vehicle or auto part manufacturers
  • Parties responsible for constructing or maintaining safe roads.

When determining which parties are liable for your wreck:

  • Some important evidence to analyze can include the police report, accident scene pictures, witness statements, BAC test results, and cellphone records. If the wreck involved a commercial truck, additional key evidence may include the onboard electronic recorder, the trucker’s log, trucking company records, and vehicle inspection and maintenance records.
  • The best way to identify all liable parties is to work with an experienced attorney, who can take all necessary steps to hold each liable party accountable so you’re able to pursue all of the compensation to which you may be entitled.

If I Share Some Liability for the Crash, Can I Still Be Entitled to Compensation for My Injuries & Losses?

Yes, you may still be entitled to compensation under Texas law (specifically the 51% Bar Rule). According to this law, victims can be eligible for compensation as long as they were no more than 50% at fault for the accident. So, if a victim is 51% or more at fault, (s)he would not be entitled to financial recovery under Texas law.

When victims who are 50% or less at fault for a crash are able to bring their claims to successful resolutions, their recoveries will be reduced in proportion to their liability level. For instance, if a victim is found to be 33% at fault with a successful claim valued at $100,000, the resulting compensation would be $67,000 (i.e., $100,000 minus 33% or $33,000).

What Else Should I Know about Dealing with Multiple Parties after a Motor Vehicle or Truck Crash?

There may be a lot more to know, depending on your circumstances and cases. An experienced attorney can be pivotal to shedding more light on how to set your case up for success. In general, some more important facts to know about these claims include that:

  • Insurance companies are not looking out for you or your rights. They are usually focused on reducing or avoiding payouts. So, don’t count on adjusters to be your allies.
  • Getting medical treatment, following doctor’s orders, and following through with all prescribed treatment can be essential to proving the severity of your injuries.
  • If you were working at the time of the crash, you may have a workers’ compensation claim, in addition to the car or truck accident claims arising from the wreck.
  • Partnering with an experienced lawyer can be integral to protecting the strength, value, and success of your claim.

Hurt in a Traffic Accident? A Houston Car Accident Lawyer at the Amaro Law Firm Can Help You

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