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Laredo, TX, sees at least 14 motor vehicle accidents happen on its roads every day, recent data shows. In fact, from McPherson Rd. and West Del Mar Blvd. to Mines Road, Interstate 35 (I-35), and beyond, Laredo’s roads have had an average of 5,225 traffic crashes each year since 2018. All too often, the deadliest of these wrecks involve massive 18-wheelers.

When semi-truck accidents occur, the sooner victims can get answers about their rights and a potential claim, the better. With the right information, crash survivors can take the necessary steps to get on the road to financial recovery and justice. While some of the answers survivors need are below, don’t hesitate to reach out for case-specific advice from a 5-star Laredo truck accident attorney.

Who Can I Sue After an 18-Wheeler Accident in Laredo, TX?

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a tractor-trailer accident, you may have a claim against any party whose negligence caused or contributed to the wreck. Depending on how a wreck happened, these parties can include (and may not be limited to):

  • Other motorists: Driver impairment and failure to comply with traffic laws are common forms of accident-causing negligence. The at-fault motorists can include passenger vehicle drivers and motorcyclists, as well as commercial drivers, like bus drivers and truckers.
  • Employers for other motorists: When commercial drivers’ negligence causes tractor-trailer accidents, the companies that employ at-fault drivers may share liability for their wrecks. Specifically, this can occur when motor carriers’ risky policies, unsafe vehicles, or untrained drivers contribute to crashes.
  • Automakers or vehicle equipment manufacturers: If defective vehicle equipment is a factor in a collision, the companies that have designed, made, and/or installed the faulty equipment can be liable for harm resulting from the crash. This can include dangerous equipment on passenger vehicles, as well as fuel delivery trucks, package delivery trucks, and other commercial vehicles.
  • Others: Road construction crews, shippers, and even local government entities responsible for road maintenance are a few examples of the other parties that may also shoulder some liability for 18-wheeler wrecks, depending on the circumstances.

With fault for truck accidents, it’s critical to understand that:

  • Multiple parties can share liability for a single tractor-trailer wreck.
  • Uncovering all at-fault parties often requires the work and eyes of a skilled investigator. Police reports for Laredo crashes can be helpful at this stage of a claim.
  • Key evidence related to liability won’t stick around forever. It can be necessary to send evidence preservation (spoliation) letters to secure essential evidence before its lost or destroyed forever.
  • The best way to identify the at-fault parties after an 18-wheeler crash is to talk to a Laredo truck accident lawyer.

How Can a Laredo Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me?

You can get effective legal counsel to position a case for success from an experienced Laredo truck accident attorney. In fact, having a lawyer in your corner can greatly impact the strength and outcome of your 18-wheeler crash case. That’s because a skilled attorney can:

  • Identify and pursue all available legal remedies: This involves going after each at-fault party to help victims seek the full financial recoveries they may be entitled to. In some cases, this may also involve defending victims against insurance companies who have wrongly attributed fault to the injured.
  • Gather, preserve, and effectively present the evidence: Critical and potentially complex, the evidence needed to prove fault and damages can be the backbone of any 18-wheeler accident claim. An attorney can find and leverage the available evidence to bolster a claim. This may include accident photos, data from truckers’ logbooks and electronic onboard recorders, motor carriers’ records, and much more.
  • Advocate for you when it matters most: No matter who the opponent in a case may be, a skilled Laredo truck accident attorney can protect your rights and interests both inside and outside the courtroom. In some cases, this can be the key to achieving favorable truck accident settlements and better resolutions.
  • Protect your rights and advise you at every step: Every 18-wheeler accident case is unique, and the specifics of your potential claim can raise new issues or challenges as your case proceeds. With the counsel of an attorney, you can get honest answers and helpful advice about your options and what to expect with each phase of your claim. This can be pivotal to making more informed choices that better serve your needs, interests, and objectives.

After a wreck, you have limited time—and likely just one chance—to file a claim. Make sure you get it right and get some priceless peace of mind by retaining an experienced Laredo truck accident lawyer.

How Can I Find the Best Laredo Truck Accident Lawyer?

When you’re looking for the “best Laredo truck accident lawyer” or a “Laredo truck accident lawyer near me,” the results can be overwhelming. Narrow down your choices and zero in on the top options by looking for an attorney and law firm that are:

  • Experienced and established: You want legal representation from an experienced truck accident lawyer who has counseled other victims with similar cases. In other words, don’t just look for a car or auto wreck attorney. Make sure you find a lawyer who specializes in 18-wheeler accident cases that are like yours.
  • Successful: Look for a Laredo 18-wheeler accident lawyer who has a record of securing settlements and financial awards for truck wreck cases. Reputable attorneys and firms will typically highlight these wins on their websites to showcase their abilities and underscore how they are effective at achieving justice for the injured.
  • Well reviewed: Find an attorney with several recent 5-star reviews. These reviews can highlight important details about the service, communication, and overall experience you may expect when you retain a particular lawyer or firm.

Get Confidential Answers from a 5-Star Laredo Truck Accident Lawyer

Learn about your rights and a potential 18-wheeler crash claim by consulting with a trusted Laredo truck accident lawyer. The answers you get during an initial consultation can enlighten you to the available legal options and the best ways to seek the recovery you may deserve.

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