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The Hail Damage Claim Process: 6 Essential Facts You MUST Know to Protect Your Claim & Recovery

The steps you do and do not take when pursuing a hail damage claim can impact the value and success of your claim. Consequently, knowing what to expect and do during the claims process, as well as what to avoid doing, can be pivotal to positioning your claim for an efficient resolution and the maximum possible recovery.

Whether your home or business sustained hail damage, below are some important facts to help you understand the claims process.

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Key Facts to Know about Filing a Hail Damage Claim in Texas

  1. 6 Key Facts about the Hail Damage Claim Process

    6 Key Facts about the Hail Damage Claim Process

    The evidence of damage that you collect matters – This can include extensive pictures of the damage, as well as pre-damage pictures (for a point of comparison). It can also include records regarding any additional losses you have incurred as a result of the hail storm, such as records of business interruption losses or the expenses of staying in a hotel (when storms are severe enough to shut down a business or make a home uninhabitable).

  2. The insurance adjuster is not your ally or advocate – The adjuster is usually focused on protecting the insurance company. As a result, you should not expect that the adjuster will explain your rights or fully illuminate your options. You should, however, expect the adjuster to be looking for ways to reduce or deny your claim, and you should be careful about what you tell the adjuster (because your words can be used to try to undercut or deny your claim).
  3. It is in your best interests to be present during the adjuster’s property inspection – Make sure you are on-site when the insurance adjuster will be inspecting the damage. If the inspection is set for some time that you cannot be present, request that it be rescheduled for a time when you are available. This enables you to see exactly what the adjuster does (and does not) inspect, how long the inspection lasts, and other details that may be important later (if there is any dispute regarding the value or validity of your hail damage claim).
  4. The records you keep regarding your claim can protect you if your claim is mishandled down the line – It is strongly advised that you keep detailed records regarding your claim. These records should specify when you speak to or meet with an insurance adjuster, what was discussed, and what the outcome of that discussion was. As part of this record-keeping, it is also recommended that you keep copies of any and all correspondence the insurance company sends you, as well as your own claim-related evidence.
  5. A new Texas hailstorm law sets specific requirements for pursuing bad faith lawsuits – When an insurer wrongfully delays, underpays, or denies a legitimate hail damage claim, policyholders who take action to file a suit against the insurance company will have to comply with the terms of a new Texas law. This Texas hailstorm law requires a written pre-suit notice, limits the recoverable interest, and allows insurers to assume the liability of any “agent.” Effectively, this law can provide some distinct benefits to insurers at the expense of policyholders (particularly those who are unfamiliar with the terms of this law).
  6. An attorney can help you successfully navigate the claims’ process and secure the full recovery you deserve – Given the complexities of the hail damage claim process, having a lawyer in your corner, advising and guiding you on how to protect your rights and claim, can be essential to obtaining fair and just compensation. In addition to gathering the necessary evidence and handling all claim-related paperwork, an attorney can work with insurers and, when insurers wrongfully undercut or deny your claim, take the necessary action to hold them accountable.

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