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Katy Wrongful Death Lawyer

Get the Facts About How Wrongful Death Cases in Katy, TX, Work

A wrongful death case won’t bring back a loved one or make up for the negligence that took their life. These cases can, however, help families bring negligence to light while holding at-fault parties liable for the irreparable harm they’ve caused.

When you have lost a loved one to wrongful death, getting the facts about these claims can begin to uncover more about your options and how to seek justice moving forward. So can a Katy wrongful death attorney whenever you need answers and counsel related to your situation and potential case.

Common Types of Wrongful Death Claims in Katy, TX

Tragically, there are several ways wrongful death occurs in Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, and several other areas across Texas and the U.S. Some of the most common causes of wrongful death include:

  • Motor vehicle accident cases, like car wrecks, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, and more
  • Boating accidents, including recreational boat wrecks, cruise ship accidents, and jet ski crashes
  • Aviation accidents, like airplane crashes and helicopter accidents
  • Work accidents involving third-party (non-employer) liability
  • Maritime accidents, oil and gas industry accidents, construction accidents, and more
  • Unsafe premises, dangerous drugs, defective products, and faulty equipment

These and other causes of fatal injuries can be the basis of wrongful death cases. That’s true even if the injuries were survivable for a short period before they resulted in death.

How Are Wrongful Death Cases Resolved in Katy, TX?

The path to resolving a Kath wrongful death case will depend on what caused the fatality, who’s to blame, and other factors, like (but not limited to):

  • How complex the evidence may be
  • Whether there are disputes over liability
  • Plaintiffs’ choices and actions during a case

Consequently, there isn’t one single path — or even a series of finite steps — that every case follows every time. Still, however, most wrongful death claims tend to involve key phases like (but not limited to):

  • Investigations to collect evidence and assess fault
  • Discovery to exchange evidence, depose key witnesses, and gain more insight into the opposition’s strategy
  • Negotiations to attempt to find a mutually beneficial resolution to the wrongful death case

If plaintiffs and defendants in wrongful death claims can’t agree on a resolution — or even key matters of the case, like who’s responsible for the death — cases may proceed to court, so a judge and jury can rule on these disputes.

How Long Do Katy Wrongful Death Claims Take?

As mentioned above, every case is different. So, again, there’s no single timeframe or range of time that applies to all cases. Instead, wrongful death claims can move along faster or slower, based on many elements of the case, including the plaintiffs’ and the defendants’ actions and decisions.

As general rules of thumb, however, it is helpful to know that:

  • Complicated claims can take more time.
  • It takes longer than a couple of days or weeks to resolve the average wrongful death case due to the complex work needed at various phases of a case.
  • While efficient resolutions are usually the goal, rushing to bring a case to a close can be a mistake, especially if plaintiffs don’t take the time to thoroughly investigate an accident, strategically negotiate with the opposition, or carefully evaluate settlement offers.

Is a Katy Wrongful Death Attorney Near Me Really Worth It?

Yes, the representation of a Katy wrongful death lawyer is very much “worth it” when you want to be sure that:

  • You have a strong, convincing wrongful death case as you move forward. Without an attorney, there are far greater chances of overlooking key evidence, strategies, or administrative needs for a case. Any of those oversights could trip up a claim and possibly jeopardize your recovery.
  • You have an experienced professional on your side, fighting to protect your rights and advance your case towards a favorable outcome. That can be invaluable inside and outside the courtroom, from the moment you start having to deal with insurance companies through the resolution of a case.

Since you can only bring a case once — and since you may be going up against opponents who are skilled at fighting these claims — it’s generally in your best interests to:

  • Work with an experienced Katy wrongful death lawyer
  • Retain an attorney as soon as you believe you have a case, instead of waiting and gambling with a claim and your recovery.