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Hyundai Sued For Allegedly Violating Federal Overtime Wage Law

According to an article featured in Bloomberg, Hyundai Motor Co. has been sued in federal court for allegedly violating federal law by failing to pay hourly workers at a Philadelphia plant proper overtime and limiting breaks. The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal law which, among other things, is meant to protect America’s workforce from being swindled out of wages by employers.

Reportedly, the lawsuit alleges that Hyundai Rotem automatically deducted 30 minutes of paid time from employee paychecks for each shift, including shifts in which a meal break wasn’t taken. The lawsuit also violates state wage law. According to the lawsuit, Hyundai Rotem also failed to pay employees for hours worked in excess of their regular shifts. Further, the petitions seeks to represent employees which have worked at the company in the last three years.

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